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It just so happens I'm browsing through a pile of catalogs from random travel agencies. Exotic winter travels 2010/2011 as well as summer vacations 2011. As I'm glancing at the window I see a gray and dull typical Eastern European city, gloomy and cloudy sky. Oh how different this view is from the photos from the catalogs. Oh how I miss the hot sun, clear blue sky and rocky beaches of Rhodes!! And summer in general, to be quite honest.

No question about it: I'm in my autumn wanderlust phase and ever since I've started to take classes preparing for the tour guide licence it got even worse than usuall.

So just to cheer myself up I've made a list of places I'd like to work at once I get my licence. We'll see how much of that I'll be able to cross off in a couple of years. Here goes nothing.

1. Any island where people speak Spanish. Go figure. I won't be picky, promise! It could be Majorca or Fuerteventura, I'll do great as long as I hear my favorite language.
2.Cyprus or Malta. Ever since I got into the idea of working in tourism industry I've got more and more interested in these two islands because of the history. So many cultures crossing paths and each left their landmarks. Sounds fascinating!
3.Rhodes and Kos. Yes, I've already been to Rhodes and I've heard that Kos pretty much resembles that. Still, I know I'd have such a blast there.

There, I feel a bit better now :)

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