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The information I found on line was not entirely accurate.  There is no drive through at this zoo, you will be walking it.  The parking lot is easily full and with no lines to define spaces folks are inclined to park and use more than their share.  But cars were jumping the curb and parking on the grass, so all was well.  They are only open 12-3pm and need about 1.5 hours to take it all in.  It is free, donations are acceptable, but there is not someone standing at a cash register to ring up your "donation".  It is not forced on you, you can go in without a donation.

They have a water area, you can walk the bridge over it and see gators.  In the visitor center where they want you to sign up for email, etc (no pressure) you don't have to give them email or even complete addresses.  The visitor center inside and outside houses reptiles, tortoises, etc.  Walking though the zoo you will see some animals are free to roam within the compound.  Llama's are under a cluster of trees.  Zebra's, Emu's, Ostrich, Bison are penned in their large compounds.  Deer roam freely as do the peacocks and peahens.  There are warnings everywhere that children should not be allowed to torment and chase the wildlife, yet there were some without proper supervision (isn't that always the case) that thought it was tremendous fun to surround, chase and torment a peacock.  C'mon parents - its a REHAB zoo - that might mean the animals are in recovery from physical issues or have been abused, tortured or neglected.  They had a few primates, a number of tigers, a mountain lion.

The reason I was drawn to it was a feature on a network news station.  The zoo has a Lion, Tiger and Bear (oh my!) that live together, companionably.  The three were rescued  as cubs from a house during a drug bust.  Since they were already accustomed to each other the zoo let them stay together.  They are full grown several hundred pound animals now.  The male lion is neutered so he has not grown a mane.  The tiger was absent on my visit.  They have their own wood house on stilts and front porch.  The lion and bear, both so huge, were cuddling each other and grooming each other on the porch.  So unique - don't miss it.
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