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Ok, so apparently climbing Mount Fuji by night to enjoy the sunrise from the top is a "must-do" while in Tokyo. So let's do it!
But actually, the most amazing thing was not the sunrise in itself. Nor was it the view from the top. Nope, according to me, the most amazing thing was to see thousands of people enduring a long and steep climb in a freezing cold and a deadly wind, just to have the opportunity to see (or not, depending on the weather...) a plain sunrise, almost the same they could have watched on any beach or from the top of any building by much milder conditions. And if it was just for seeing a nice sky from top of Mount Fuji, they could fave climbed it during the day to watch the sunset, it is much easier as well.
Yes, but "seeing sunrise from top of Fujisan" is a symbol of Japan, so it has to be like this. Any sunrise is nothing; any view from top of Mount Fuji is not much. Only the combination of the two is the essence of Japan.

So, to the people who may be wondering "is climbing Mount Fuji really worth it?", I'd answer yes. Because every detail of this "ceremony" is worth noticing.
From the global view of all the lights of people climbing in a long "procession" to small lamp on the finger of the guy eating his bento to see what he's holding between his chopsticks;
from the fans people are waving at the bottom of the volcano to cool down to the survival blankets they are holding against the wind on the top to try to feel less cold;
from the view you may catch of the top of Mount Fuji from behind the clouds to the view you may catch of the surroundings from above;
from the feeling of the ice water you'll drink at the beginning of the climb to save yourself from dehydration to the taste of the hot ramen you'll buy in the shelters to save yourself from hypothermia...
and to the fact of seeing the rising sun from the highest point of the "country of the rising sun".
LostInSpace2010 says:
Great blog, love those amazing pictures and the stories! =)
Posted on: Aug 02, 2010
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photo by: tocca