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I didn't think the flight to Kuala Lumpur from Melbourne was almost nine hours. It's just one of those many things I do not know. I was lucky I slept most of the time and thanked the good old mighty destiny that made me teeny weeny short (but not too short) for I could almost stretch on just two cheap economy seats. Though I looked like a frog on valium or whatever else drugs whenever I turn and sleep on my back, I did not care because I don't think I am ever gonna see those people ever again who saw me sleep in such state. I did not see their faces. I am just glad that I was alright and restless when we landed. My poor Mister Bean wasn't though. He was teeny weeny grumpy, but I understand.
In the Philippines we say, 'Thou shall better tease a drunk than a person who has just woken up', but I strongly believe that 'it's better to tease a person who has just woken up that one who has one hell of a hellish night and not slept at all, like my Mister Bean'.

He got some sleep on the bus to the city anyway while I was secretly medidating and almost bursting into tears when I finally felt the good almighty feeling of being back on the road. It is awesome. Almighty awesome I must say.

We couldn't check in yet into our hostel so we had to wait on a rooftop bar, that didn't look like a bar at all but just a rooftop with chairs and tables and a couple of other people with food and drinks, on the same building and steal someone else's wifi from another building for two hours.
The heat and humidity was driving me crazy. I still have spent most of my life in the Philippines and I think I should be immuned from feeling hot and humid but I guess life is too complicated to make it like that. Does it make sense? I could explain it but I really can't...

Finally we have checked in and Mister Bean had a shower and then snoozed back into sleep. I had to do what I had to do which is to feed myself before I collapse and die. I had some really really cheap but amazing meal on one of the streets in chinatown. Could be maybe not but probably unhygienic. I still bet it's safe. What doesn't kill me is only gonna make me sick and then probably kill me later. But I don't mind. I bought some for Mister Bean and he liked it very much, like he said.

I had a shower then went to KLCC and roamed about and took some photos and then went back to chinatown where we were staying then went back to the hostel.
Then did some things and some more things and some more more things but not much more. Then we went out and had an amazing pizza that was so spicy because I put loads of chilli flakes and tabasco on it, but they made it so so good what the hell am I supposed to do! BUt I can't eat spicy! After the painful meal I went shopping on my own around chinatown and was pretty annoyed by disrespectful salesdudes. I don't know what the hell they were shouting at me but I sure did not like them. I just assumed they were saying something like 'Sexy Baby', 'Hot Goddess', 'Alluring Woman' and something so so close to that.

Anyway, we had to go back to the airport again just because we have another flight, and no other reason really. Wayne made friends with a dude from northern Italy with a german accent and I still have to remember his name.
We searched for two of our friends at the airport who's gonna come with us to India and we actually found them. We shall call them Matt and Ivan (their real names). They have been playing drinking games and punishing themselves with some cheap rice whiskey Matt bought from Chang Mai. I'd agree why a child would never understand why sophisticated and educated adults would do it to themselves. We then joined them in a flash as we saw them. It was like heaven when we were done with the whiskey that made me sick and then we proceded with Sangsom, which eventually almost made me sick just because... I could explain it but I really can't...

And then we played and drink and played and then no more alcohol. Ivan and Wayne bought a couple of beers because their biggest fear is to get sober before God knows when.
And then a bottle of tequila and some sweet spirit (whatever the hell it was) just before we boarded the plane. I had to sit with these two on the plane. They drank and played until they passed out which was an hour before we landed. I did not sleep like a frog this time and them two guys are lucky I didn't kill them. For now.

Best Kafufoo Of The Day: The Amazingness of the Amazing Chicken Rice (To be found almost anywhere in Chinatown)

Worst Kafufoo Of The Day: The Cheap Rice Whiskey From Chang Mai (has got to be the worst of the worst of the worst.... but maybe not)

Kafufoo Summary Of The Day: Erm. It's just one of those days that felt like it happened in a flash just because you pretty much did nothing useful as a traveller. Had an Amazing chicken rice though.

h3yitsmaree3 says:
it's amazing all the places that you've been. how do you do it?
Posted on: Oct 18, 2012
miss_eel says:
ahh i really love to read ur writings! haha :D
Posted on: Mar 05, 2011
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