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Ok so I had such an amazing time, I thought I would write a little something. It's been a while since I really posted a blog. I originally thought I would write about my travels but I've been lazy and unmotivated soI haven't written about the last few spots I visited.

As I flew into the NYC, I got a glance of the skyline from my window seat and I thought to myself, "wow this city is nutts". It's such a huge city. The view from the plane reminded me of the helicopter tour I took the last time I was in the city.

I somewhat quickly got to my hotel which was conveniently located on Broadway in the middle of Time Square. I was hoping for a decent view of Time Square since my room was on the 36th floor but what I got was a lot more. The view from the hotel was out of this world.

Well it's my first night in town and I have no business that needs to be attended to and its Saturday. I meet up with my buddy Shawn. Shawn is driving a cherry vintage 91 Firebird. To be honest I'm impressed that he's driving in New York. He scoops me up off Broadway and we wheel off to the lower eastside. We meet the group up at this Shaburi for some Shabu Shabu. After dinner and few drinks, we head to the Annex which is just a few steps away. The Annex is a really dark two story club with some electronic music in the basement and some rock bands playing up stairs. We immediately head downstairs for a few drinks. The music is kinda all over the place down there but we sit through it. After a while we decide to check out the upstairs. As soon as we get upstairs I get a little more confortable. The band that is playing reminds me of Echo and the bunnymen and it takes me back to my days as a young punk rocker / skater boy. The band finishes playing and 80's music starts pumping out of the speakers. So at this point it was ON!! It was almost like Fallout Lounge on a Friday night but WAAAAY better. I look around just about everyone is dressed in all black and rocking a punk rocker slash new wave look. I felt like I walked into the punk club in the movie Valley Girl where Nick Cage gets stupid drunk and tries to take on the cholos outside. I took some time to try to get some video of the scene while The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" rocked the house but it was too dark. This is all I got. At this point I'm having a the best time and was thinking about Jenny G and how much she would LOVE it in there. We're having a good time and decide to take some pics and it's getting closer to morning. Of course I had to represent the 214 while in the 212. We split up with Sara, Anna and Anna's sister at the entrance of the club. Johnny and Jessica climb in the back seat of Shawn's car while I ride shotgun. We get near my hotel and I'm dropped off at the curb but soo intoxicated and all the lights of Broadway look the same. I had to be pointed in the direction of my hotel. I grab a chicken kabob off the street and realize there's NO traffice on Broadway because its 4:00 in the morning. I decided that I have to take a picture of it because I've never not seen traffic in the streets here. I head upstairs and crashed out by 4:30. Not a bad first day! Apparently, after Shawn dropped me off, he wrecked his ride. Maybe there was too much fun being had....

Not much happens the following day simply because I'm exhausted. I realize I'm on about 7 hours of sleep for 2 days. I meet up with Toan an old high school buddy for lunch at Carnegie Deli. I get their special the Woody. It's a pastrami sandwhich that is about 8 inches tall. It was pretty good and I managed to knock out about half of it. Afterwards we goto a coffee shop to catch up. After that I goto back to the hotel and try to a much needed nap. I have no sucess with this. I grab an early dinner at the hotel sushi bar and I call it an early night and crash out.

Day three is filled with making lots of connections and networking. I'm later invited to a couple of parties. I first show up at Madame Tussard's Wax Museum for a private party. Not much really going on but they have an open bar and I can take a free tour of the wax musuem. I stop and take a few pics of some ladies. After the tour, I cab it to the Dream Hotel and take the elevator up to the top floor to party in the Ava lounge. This is also an open bar party. Lots drinking is being done and some neworking is being made. I realize that I haven't even walked around the lounge yet. I get on my feet and walk into the next room where I find a craps table. It's just for fun so I have some. I'm there for a next hour or so. I do some more walking around and find out there is rooftop!! I hang out on the rooftop and meet a lot of people. Around 1:00am I decided to call it a night.

Day 4 I decide that I want to walk around see more of the city. I take to the subway to Greenwich Village and get a pizza at Joe's Pizzeria. From there I walk to SOHO, to Chinatown and finally to Little Italy. I take the metro back to the hotel. I figure out plans for the night and grab a power nap. Shawn and I meet Miguel in K-town at Kumgangsan for some Korean BBQ. I had a craving for some Kal-bi and my needs were met. After dinner we went to Jack Dempsy's pub for a drink. Miguel is too busy to go out on a weekday so Shawn and I hit the metro pointed towards the meat packing district. We're going to Cielo. Shawn's hyping me up for this place. It's apparently won every award possible for night clubs. Well the club does not let me down. The music is great. The sound system super clear and crisp. The innovative lighting system was amazing. The DJ was awesome and he somehow threw REM's "Night Swimming" into the mix and it rocked the house. The DJ had a light sidekick that controlled the light system depending on the beat of the music. The walls had built in lights can pulsed and changed colors. The best way I've been able to describe this club is that it's was interactive. I don't think I've ever been to a club like this one. Around 3:00am its starts to die down a bit. I tell Shawn we can shut it down or we can go grab 4th meal breakfast. He chooses 4th meal breakfast. We take a cab to the famous 24 hour joint called Cafeteria in Chelsea. We split the best mac and cheese for an appetizer and get our own breakfast. After 4th meal, we take a cab back to my hotel. I've lost track of time at this point but its probably close to 5:00am. Shawn takes another another cab to Grand Central and I pass out. Another fun filled night completed.

The next day I have to pack and catch my plane home. I look out the window of the plane as we taxi to the runway and see this sign. I think about the amazing time I just had and wish other's could have it too. And it looks like some will. Fran got there yesterday and Sara gets there in 2 days. New York is truly an amazing city. It really doesn't sleep but it does take naps. I think it's truly a place where you can see what America is all about. There sooo many people try to make it and I mean make it, not make it as a star or anything like that, I mean just make it to live. Everyone in New York is a hulster. Locals hustle everywhere. As much as I love New York, I don't I could ever live there. It's just too busy, too crowded, too mean, too expensive, and too New York. I'll take Dallas anyday.

Texas 4 Ever!! Or at least untill I can find a European honey that'll make me move to the south of France with her.
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New York
photo by: herman_munster