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i want to be hang gliding at ipanema, sun bathing at rio, salsa dancing in quito.

people often tell me that travel is just an excuse for being lazy and not doing practical things like studying or working. But, more often that not, i feel that they are sedentary, ignorant of the spectacular endless things this world has to offer; and that makes me feel sad, not because of the admonition i received. As small and measurable the physical size of this world may be, the places and people we can leave our marks with are boundless, and the intangible rewards we can receive are endless - an adventure that can not possibly be accomplished, lamentably, due to our mere mortality. Why then won't you take every possible moment of your life, shove aside the insignificants, and start engaging yourself with adventures in this world?

the beauty of our world is immensely breathtaking.

i always smile to myself, dreaming of the wonderful journeys i will take on - gosh, guess i have been over-indulgent while reading the fantasy book "The Hobbits". But truly, i really want to travel the world, jump into amazon rivers, play with the unique pink dolphins in the forest flood down in ipanema, go snow-skiing in aspen, munching down over-sized hotdogs and burgers in texas, seeing the incas in peru, screaming at the towers of new york, shopping and drinking tea in london, paris, milan, flying to china to walk on the spectacular walls, sunbathing at the beaches of sydney, picking apples in newzealand, playing with children and dancing with women in zimbabwe, floating on the deadsea in jordan, cruising in the underground river caverns of philipines, eating fried insects in bangkok and ho chi minh and many many more things!!!! RUSSIA INDIA TAIWAN JAPAN ALASKA ANTARCTICA POLYNESIAN ISLANDS ICELAND ETC ETCCC!!!!!

gosh the world is just too big, but i will take on the world as much as i can. Have my word on that. :D
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photo by: chriswebb1988