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We hopped off the ferry in Cozumel and find the only hostel on the island, Hostelito. What a great place. Highly recommend if you need a cheap (but excellent) room on Cozumel. After that we set about finding some dive outfits to take us out in the world-famous waters of Cozumel.


Usually touted as one of the top ten dive destinations in the world, Ji and I were excited to get back in the water after last diving in Bali in March. We talked to a few dive shops and went with some guy on the pier for our first day. The next morning we found out we weren’t going to the dive site we thought we were, but we still had some great dives.


Our first was a drift dive, and they weren’t kidding about the ‘drift’. As soon we hit got down we were swept along the top of a pinnacle.

It was like being on a fast moving airport escalator in an aquarium. Towards the end we saw an absolutely massive sea turtle and ended up floating right over it as it foraged along the reef. Shortly after I spotted another huge turtle swimming along the edge of the wall. The dive was a bit short at only 40 or so minutes @ 18 meters, but we both enjoyed it and Jiyoung later said it was her favorite dive of the trip.


The next dive was a bit more of the same and we wrapped up the day feeling happy with how it went, but itching to go again! We revisited a dive shop we’d checked out the day before and booked dives to the famous Palancar reef with a great shop called Deep Blue.


An added bonus with going with this shop (besides the friendly guys in the front office) was getting able to use dive computers for the first time. This would allow Ji and I to maximize our bottom time on both our first and second dives. We dropped in at Palancar and immediately made our way through a gorgeous swim through, exiting in a picture perfect blue sea stretching out over the wall we hovered above. Here I made my deepest, longest dive ever, reaching 35 meters (115 feet) with a bottom dive of ~45 minutes! 


Being in a group of experienced divers was great and once we got low on air, we ascended the buoy line back out as we waited for the other guys with a bit better air consumption to come up.

Jiyoung ended up with all of about 10 bar left in her tanks by the end, but we were monitoring it fairly closely as we did our safety stop at 5 meters. I  really enjoyed the dive computers and watching the constant time adjustments it made every time I ascended or descended. Definitely something I’m going to have to invest in soon to further maximize my dives  On the surface I took a peek back down to see a magnificent Eagle Ray floating over the abyss below. We ended up seeing three turtles on that dive and I was just beside myself with elation.


We had a fairly lengthy surface interval on a nearby beach before starting our second dive. This one reached a max of 19 meters. Some guys pulled nearly an hour of bottom time but Ji and I were breathing a bit heavy so we surfaced at the 50 minute mark. It was a really, really great day and I’m really happy we decided to do two days of dives instead of the initially planned one day.


Back to Cozumel to watch the sunset and we made our plans for the next few days. Back to PDC for another night before catching an early ‘collectivo’ to Tulum. Good stuff.




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Dive boat.
Dive boat.
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