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Electricity pylon with the "cups" of the bra bridge to IJburg beyond

Fall is favorite season and I realized I stayed indoors too much to actually feel the season. Okay, inside is warm with a cup of tea and a nice fire, but outdoors is where it happens.

So I decided to go out today, to sniff a bit of fresh autumn atmosphere. But where would I go? To the Waterland picturesque villages to drink in the scenery, or should I go for a walk in the nearby recreation area? Well, I had the car so why not use it and drive to Durgerdam. Not that easy to find anymore since all the freeways, highways and you name it what kind of roads more which hide the place.
Okay, I finally reached the "Waterlandsche IJ- en Zeedijk", an old dike built in medieval times to protect the country from flooding. I really had to go out of the car and climb the dike to have a look at the water I used to sail in my younger days.

View from the southern part of the village towards the chapel.
Back then it used to be a lot of water, ...but not these days anymore. Well, the water is still there, but with all kind of constructions built in, like a tunnel, an eight-lane bridge, and even six islands for a residential neighbourhood housing 45.000 people.
Not that nostalgic feeling I imagined with the sleepy fishermen's village of Durgerdam. More a highlight of modern infrastructure.

But a little further on the road there was Durgerdam so on my way I was again - and out of the car again in the village to climb the dike again for some pictures. Ofcourse the chapel had to be on it. It is called the chapel, but the majority of time it served as a school building or even council house.


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Electricity pylon with the cups …
Electricity pylon with the "cups"…
View from the southern part of the…
View from the southern part of th…
Entrance of Zeeburgertunnel
Entrance of Zeeburgertunnel
photo by: Mortyzia
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