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     I never realized how important small change and low numbered bills were in my life until I came to Buenos Aires.  I find myself hoarding the change from restaurant bills and refusing to give up my last peso, even if it means owing someone money.  So what's all the fuss about?  The coins make life oh so much easier when taking a bus somewhere--which not to mention is much cheaper than both cabs and the subte.  The small bills and coins make paying for a bill with a group a process that is well worked out and good for all parties(not to mention the waitress does not have to make change).  Finally, the coins give you a sense of power because they are hard currency and never do you have to look for a watermark to denote their authenticity.  I guess I never realized my dependence on Abraham Lincoln (the penny) and George Washington (the quarter AND dollar bill).  With these coins and bills, which are abundant in circulation in the US, I can run go grab a coke or add a few pennies to get exact change.  (here I try to over pay, mainly in the hopes of receiving change in the form of coins).   However, even though I miss George and Abe so much, I cannot help but try and think that not having coins abundantly only adds to the Argentine experience...I can now empathize with the portenos over something, and in that I feel great power. 
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