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First week at school is finished, so it was about time to get some holiday again. Weekend trip to Beirut with clspassmates and other friends!

Me and Paul from class travelled directly after school with a bus. The bus was slow! We spend at least the double time as normal getting to the border, and to stop to finish a fight and wait for someone or something. It's kind of scaring and kind of funny to observe when you really don't understand anything. We finally got to the border, had to pay a little bit here and there,and got through. But we had to wait for some Koreans to finish, at least another hour extra. And finally we got to Beirut.

Beirut can easily be described with the following bullet points:
- beautiful people (plastic surgery)
- hot and humid
- soldiers armed everywhere, even with real shooting positions
- western shops, brands and chains
- expensive restaurants (and cheap and good resturants)
- expensive taxis (actualy rip offs)
- great nightlife, altough some of it is still to be discovered.
- mix of brand new buildings and buildings showing the civil war 30 years ago

Besides Beirut I went outside to a suburb to take the cablecar to the mountains. Actually this was the first place on my trip so far I saw Norwegians - and I saw three groups! I guess there is a connection between Norwegians and mountains. From there I took a taxi to Balbaak, to see roman ruins and see Hizbollah things. Really worth a visit. And remeber to stay at Palmyra Hotel! (I did not, but it looks amazing).

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photo by: vulindlela