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After coming from big cities like London and Paris, it was nice to set my feet in a small town. Its nice to just stroll around and not have to take a tube or anything. The buildings here had so much character and were really charming actually. We walked around a bit after arriving and then went to a cafe for lunch. It was my first taste of french fries and mayo, a concept I didn't understand much coming from Canada.... then again, we have fattening poutines here! After it started raining a bit we headed back to the hostel to relax. We met a girl from Chicago I think... her name was Leslie.. We talked a bit and headed to dinner.  Back at the hostel we had some drinks by the bar and Zara and I took the opportunity to teach our new travel friend a card game. We realized after talking a bit that we may be in some of the same cities together so we exchanged email addresses.

New people came by the hostel the next morning... 2 American girls and another American girl travelling on her lonesome. The American girl travelling by herself started getting really personal with us quite quick and was very open about herself and the fact that she was a lesbian jew and worked at a sex shop and wrote erotic stories... ummm, she even started reading us a story! After Zara and I were able to sneak away, we took the opportunity to give ourselves a self-guided tour of Brugge with the maps they had at the hostel reception. The maps were pretty neat actually because it actually explained each point of interest on the map and we went in order. Back in the main town we visited the different chocolate shops and had some samples and ordered some boxes.

.. Mmm... it was good. I cannot go to Belgium without tasting the chocolate!

That night Zara and I decided to go out for dinner and ordered mussels, pasta and belgium beer... we of course have to eat how the locals do! It was nice to sit outside and have dinner... afterwards we were walking back to the hostel when it was dark and we noticed a girl walking that looked familar... who was it? It was the sex shop worker! But she looked different at first with her makeup and slinky, spagetti-strap dress so we didn't recognize her. We headed back to the hostel altogether but then she made a pitstop in front of this other hotel and asked us if we wanted to go to the bar with her... we told her no we wanted to head back and she said... "oh I was just wondering because the reason I'm stopping here is because I'm a prostitute and want to go meet some guys at the bar".

And this girl did her research... how does she know she'll make good money here? She showed us a hotel ranking sheet of the most expensive hotels in the area! I am not kidding!

We went back to the hostel and sat with our other American roommates in the bar. After they started mentioning the girl's weird behaviour, we had to tell them... it was our duty actually to tell them that our roommate was a prostitute!.. We all agreed that if she brought a strange guy to our room we would cause a scene.. hehe.. 15 minutes later or so the sex shop worker (who's name will remain hidden) returned!... She told us that her outing at the bar wasn't as successful as she had hoped and I tried to show sympathy. The conversation continued and we all pretended to be half-interested... she talked about her sex toys and fetishes and how she earned money to travel Europe, which was by making royalties from starring in porn movies in Switzerland with her gay guy bestfriend.

It's amazing the people you meet when you travel isn't it?

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photo by: Chokk