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I have not really had the chance to keep up with this blog or my travel diary at all this past week.  Talk about slacking!! I can not figure out where the time has gone?  We made it through our first week and from what I can tell it seems we have all finally adjusted to the time change and everything else.  We had a crazy past weekend.  On Saturday we went to Sächsische Schweiz, which is not actually in der Schweiz.  It is a mountain range just outside of Dresden that offers both paved tourist paths as well as dirt nature paths.  It is a great day trip.  I would rate the hiking medium because it is pretty steep and there are a lot of steps, but there are great views and you forget all about all the hiking once you start looking around you.  We also went to Königstein which is a fortress still standing since about the 13 or 14 century.  It is basically an entire town within the walls of the fortress.  It was really cool to see, and there are also great views from there too.  That whole area is probably one of my favorites in Dresden.

On Sunday we met early and too the train into Berlin.  It was such a fun day.  We saw all the historical sites in the city.  Although there was a lot of walking it was definitely worth it!  We stayed at the Three Little Pigs and let me tell you.  That was by far the best hostel I have EVER stayed at!  Not that I have stayed at many, but it was definitely the best.  We ate dinner at this cool rustic german restaurant.  I had pizza and after all that walking I pretty much ate all of it.  It was delicious though!  After dinner I hung out with my roommates and eventually fell asleep.  The following morning we had breakfast and headed out to Potsdam.  The highlight and pretty much the only thing we ended up seeing was Sanssouci.  I LOVE that castle.  It truly lives up to its name (without worries).  It is spectacular to see and worth every minute.  I am so glad I made this trip because it was way better than last time.  We actually saw more of the grounds the castle is on.  Funny story though, when we went to see the kitchen (that is actually separate from the main castle) the wacky horrible tour guide we had two years ago was there giving a tour...UGH!!! She was beyond horrible!!! I am sooo glad we didnt go on a tour again!!!  I just cant believe she still has a job, she gave us absolutely NO time to do anything.  I just thought that was kinda funny.  We didnt have much time for anything else though.  We had to walk back to the main part of the city from the castle because the bus only ran every hour.  By the time we got back, we saw the Potsdam version of the Brandenburger gate and went to lunch.  On the way to lunch though, we fought our way through a crowd celebrating the Womens Potsdam championship teams win.  It was MADNESS!!! They started playing ,,We are the Champions'' and we all realized JUST how awesome it is going to be to watch the World Cup here!!  (which starts in exactly 17 days and Germanys first game is in 19 days...not that I am counting)  I can not wait!!!  For lunch I had Goulash and it was pretty good...I am sure Hungarian goulash is much better.  After we ate we pretty much headed back to Dresden.

This morning we had our first middle school observation which was a TON of fun.  We could only observe german classes because none of the English teachers showed up, but I was surprised how easily I could follow them.  We got to observe a physics class and NO JOKE this guy was Mr. Phillips in Germany...EVERYTHING about him was the same as Phillips...it was awesome.  I was surprised just how much I remembered from my science classes.  It was a good last couple of days.  Tomorrow we are observing more classes but this time in English so that will be fun and the community classes are tomorrow night again. 
mcavana1 says:
Yea, it actually in the bastei mounteins. It was GORGEOUS!!! I highly recommend if you get a chance to go while you are here to go.
Posted on: May 30, 2010
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