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The Departure

Slept at Bristol airport like a Bear...our flight is at 7.30am..check-in at 5.30 am

The Weather

thank god the weather is nice!~the weather forecast was defeated once again!
But it was hotter than in the UK...i have to buy water every now and keep my throat wet..but my nose is really dry...what should i do??'korek idong?' hahaha..
At was a sunny...windy it!!

The Historical Buildings

Everything was amazing...but not really into it...except for the Eiffel Tower n The Louvre. Coz i was hating the fact that i couldn't capture the perfect architecture of the buildings with my camera...i'm lacking with photography skills.

The Language

Everyone was talking French...amazing!(of course man!what d'u expect?u went to Paris!) ...ok..ok...what i meant was that EVERYONE...including the Chinese..Japanese...Indians...its like a Lingua Franca of French over there..i just wish everyone in this world would learn to speak French..instead of this boring English.

And i kept getting confused...coz there are some pronunciations on the words that sounds like i kept looking right and left thinking they were talking in Malay.

The People

Damn French guys are hot!!hahahaha..they're like the Asian version of English people..they have perfectly golden skin(effortlessly) cut short..they're Tall...Dark...and Handsome..
The best thing is...almost all of them are Muslims!~..wherever i go..there'll be like .."Bonjour" ... hahahaha..
And although they said that French ppl are rude..hmm...i really don't seem to care~

The New Friends

On the first day and on my first time being lost...hehehe..i came across a butcher shop.The Butcher was just opening the shop.He suddenly stops and says "Assalamoalaekom Madame".
That was my first encounter with a French-Muslim.I was just pasing by..he invited me in for a chat.Saying that am i a Malaysian?and that he loves Malaysia since he was His family went there a couple of years back...but he didnt..coz he was afraid of flying..Apparently he's a close friend with the Malaysian Ambassidor there..and i met with his 10yr old son...who's so adorable..hahaha..after all these years..he can still remembers the name of the places he visited in Malaysia..Langkawi..Malacca..Pulau Penang..Kuala Lumpur
While i was on my way to my hostel..there's this lady with her little son and a teenage daughter..wearing a backpack on each person... came to me..asking for the directions to Aloha Hostel..Rue Borrome ...which is where' i'm i walked them all the way to the hostel.They were from Vienna..a very nice family..the mom was bringing her kids backpacking through Europe..and just finished a day in Disneyland...the night before...they slept on the train..n i brave and fun they are..esp the mom...its hard to find a family going backpacking together..and still keeping a smile on their face
On my last night there...i had a new roommate..he's from Philippines..but residing in the US..came to Paris secretly..after being sent to London to do some business.hhahahaha..he's taking a chance to go see Europe..while on a business trip~funny guy..with a funny name.. Morris D Young . hahaha..we get along great..he even has a friendster!!hahaha..and his email was funny too! Morrisyoung4ever@.... hahahaha...and he snores like i've never heard anyone snores that loud before...hahahaha!!

The Food

tsk..i didnt have the courage to go inside a restaurant to eat Escargot ..and Oysters.tsk...coz all the menus were in French...and i'm afraid that if i ordered the wrong thing.i'll have to pay a large sum of it...and i'm time maybe...

The Weird People

okayh...i dont know why....but i think i attract weird people...hmmm...or am i the weird one?Just like when i went to Sweden..i met some weird ppl asking for sex..and an old! goes like this
The Louvre
i was tired of my 6hour journey from my hostel to the i decided to have a rest at the Jarden de Tuileries .I was taking pictures...then suddenly there's this old man came and saysi was taking this picture
" Taking nice pictures?" .And he asked if he could join me resting near the fountain.He asked where i'm from.Malaysia or Indonesia.He barely speaks English..he's from Switzerland..came to Paris on a business trip.But we communicate well enough with some sign language.He asked if i was travelling alone..and i said yes..coz that answer is easier ..hahaha..then he said what a coincidence..he's travelling alone too..and said that it'll be fun if we were to go sight seeing together.At first i thought thats a good idea..having a travel buddy wont hurt me..besides..he's and old man..what could he do to harm me.He planned where to go next.Then after sight seeing..he wants to go and have a bite to eat...then go listen to some music..hmmm..since i'm in a tight budget..i told him that i have no money...he said thats fine..its on him.And i was glad...its like..ppl have been longing for a mystery friend while travelling..having fun and all that..and i thought this is it..couldnt been more perfect..hahaha..coz if it was a younger person...that'll be a different story..coz Westerners always think that in order to have a great time is a must in the menu..hence i was glad mine is a sweet old man.Then we ran out of things to say(or signing with our hands) ..hahahaha..then its becoming weirder...he kept repeating the same thing he said to be safe..i asked about his family..whether he had any kids n such..he has one daughter..27yrs old..wife just died..and kept on repeating the itenaries for the day.But then...he started kissing my hands..saying 'i love you' ..'i love you' ..'i love you' ...and making a sign saying 'Me and You..?I love you..eih?" and i'm freaking out!!damn!!what da he**???and he kissed my head saying 'I love you so much" . WOWWWW!!!!!!thats it...i'm freaking out!so calmly i act like nothing happened..and said that i wanted to go to the bathroom for a sec. putting my drinks on his if i was going to come back...and then....i DITCHED him....yeeehoo!free!~

other than that...all these hawkers selling those cheap Eiffel Tower keychains kept calling me "Hey Indonesian!Indonesian!" ...wanting me to buy their stuff...i was like..."I'M NOT INDONESIAN!I'M A MALAYSIAN!!!!!!" ..and ran off!stupid hawkers...

owh...and one of them even spoke to me in a broken malay.."hey..kamu beli la barang ini..bagus punya..saya bagi murah2" if i will be impressed and buy his goods...naaahhh!!!

The Disneyland

machine...that moving through a top cable...the first scene was set in Wendy's bedroom...And I love it!!!!!!!!!OMG!hahahahahaha!didnt even get tired of all the rides!!my favourite is the Peter Pan ride!!set the handsome officer working there aside...hahahhha...the ride was extraordinarily real!!i actually feel like i was flying!!we were riding on this boat-like ..4 seater there's this big door that looks like a window from her bedroom where Peter Pan and the kids flew out of the room...through the nightlife of London..circulating the Big Band..speeding to the stars!arriving in Never Never Land.....those were the exact routes that we experience...the ride was almost like a roller and Joey were like screaming happily all the way!hahahahah!!with the background music singing " I could fly!I could fly!" was like experiencing my long lost childhood it

The Disney Studio

Since the Studio has just been there is not much things to see or do...the only thing thats open is this Cinemagique ...we didnt know what it was for..we just came in coz that was the only thing available...when we came in...the settings were like being in a musical theatre...the hall was HUGE..and there's this group of men playing trumpets..drums...sax ..violin...(this is the intro)
I was told by one of the officers..that it was going to be like a movie on something spectacular. started out with an anouncement saying we should turn off our phones during the movie...then the curtain starts to open..and a black and white movie came out..but with no sounds...then suddenly...a phone rang...hahahaha!and someone was making a 'shhh' sound...and the man picked it up...he was like talking out loud on his phone..ignoring the fact that we're in a cinema...and the security came in...asking him to step outside to talk..but he suddenly jumped out of his seat..and ran onto the stage....and the weird thing is...the actors in the movie..was looking at him!hahahha..they're like talking about him making all this commotion...and the guy went to the right hand side of the screen..still talking on thw phone..the actors was like..pointing at him..there is a magician in the scene....he looks like he's casting a spell to the guy on the phone...and splash some magic powder to where he's standing..and *PUFFF!* ...there's and explotion..and the guy vanished!!!!!!!...we're all confused by the act...but then..he suddenly appears in the screen!hahaahahhaha!!!it was Martin Short!!!he was acting as that guy!..damn!!!ok..then the story continues about his quest to get out of there...while jumping in and out of variouse old movies.!there's this scene!where he was in the Titanic!!!hahhahah!!that was funny!!coz it was the scene where Jack was crying for help..trying to escape the cuffs on his hand while the ship is sinking..hahaha!and Martin Short herd him screaming and says "I could here you!Where are you Jack?'"!!!!!!HAHAHAHHHAHAHA!everyone's laughing!coz how could he known that his name was Jack if he just got there!!hhahahaahaha!very funny!!..then another scene when the cabins in the ship was flooding with sea water..suddenly the cinema was sprinkled with water!!!!we were all wet!!!hahahahaah!and again during a scene where it suddenly rains.owh...owh..and my when there's this knight..trying to bring Martin Short to our world slicing the screen open with his sword...he threw his sword at us..than *BAMM!* ..the screen was teared into half!and a BIG sword came all the way from the screen!and hit the stage!!!!!!!!and there's a fighting scene with guns shooting towards us and there are like explosion all around us!! as if it we're in a real fighting scene!!it was a BLAST!!!

The Eiffel Tower

the lift to Eiffel tower closes at 10.30pm....we rushed from Disneyland to the Eiffel tower...which took us an hour to get there..and arrived at exactly 10.25pm...hahahahah!we were the last one to came in!everyone else was not aloud to enter anymore...we went to level 2...the Eiffel Tower lights up a flashing chistmas-tree-like-light every one hour...and at that moment..was 11pm..while we were up was a very beautiful scene....breathtaking...and we jokingly said..."Every thing's perfect..except for....we didnt get our french kiss?" HAHAHAHH!

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