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Who would have thought....that it'll be sooooo hard to travel from Bath to London to Stansted than from UK to Sweden???hahahaahah...!

thanks to all the transportation in London!my money sudah sengkekkkk
okeh...this is what i've seen since in  Stockholm,Sweden.

The houses looks like...a HOUSE
The rocks looks like....a ROCK!
once i got there..although i've been bestfriends with Mr. Sun
in Malaysia..i found myself being cocky to Mr Sun...
wakakakaak!i thought Sweden was going to be cold today!
So i prepaired with all the winter gadgets...sme tebal2 3 inci la...hishhh
skali berpeloh ...matahari terik gileee
but during the night it began to get cold ...-1 Degrees ...

and guess whattt???
me and Dzaquan got lost to another small island !
you see...this is the map of Stockholm City ...we were SUPPOSSED to
got to GAMLA see the Old Castle and all...hahahah!...and we found this hUGE building..
that we thought it was the Castle..since there's no sign on it...
After taking a few pictures...we discovered that that building was the Stadshusat..
wakakak!which was on another island!damn!and we got lost and kind of sick of the whole SOMEWORDICANNOTPRONOUNCEGATAN ...hahaaha...apparently all the streets are named with a 'gatan' at the back..i guess gata means street.anyways...i need to kept going..dont wann waste my time in Stockholm seeing all the same things that we have back in KL

(owh yeah...we were soo strucked by the memorylane with all the night-city-lights that we used to have in KL...the smell of polution...aaahhhh..!...although it could be a nice place..
but i'm searching for a...greener places..with sun,sea, wa great!)

now i'm in the Train Station waiting for my train to arrive to Malmö.i'm taking the night train so i'll have a place to sleep..tehehehe...yepp..forgot to mention this..
i was FORCED to left my tent behind at the Stansted Airport..since we are only aloud to bring ONE carry bag..thaah!skema btol..nvm..there's always room for mistakes...i'll do better next time.what??did i just abandoned my lovely 7pounds tent you ask???no la!..hahahaha
had a brilliant idea...i had my name written on the tent..and address..and bring em to the Lost n Found counter...saying that i found it lying around on a chair..heheheh..than after 4 days in Sweden..i'll try and claim back from the  counter Lost n Found...lets pray that it is still there!!!

okeh..that's all from me...don't worry bout me...i'm fine insya'allah...see ya tommorow.
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photo by: Chokk