Returning back to our hostel after a great day of exploration - Day 2

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Skye bridge in the village of Kileakin. Saucy Mary's is in the far left corner.
So after a great day on the Macbackpacker tour we finally make our way back to our hostel in Kilkenzie; where we would be staying for a few days.  Kilkenzie is definitely a very remote and small village in the Skye Ilse region and I think it's considered a little village for many fishermans :o).  It's definitely not my cup of tea; meaning, a little too small for my liking.  There were only two places to eat, around our hostel area, and they were both pub style restaurents/bars.  They also only had one convenience store and it closed by the time we got to our hostel (around 6pm).  Between the two restaurent's, Saucy Mary's was the place for entertainment and King Haakon bar was the place to eat. After checking in and organizing my luggage, I decided to look around a bit.
Sky bridge in the early evening (Kileakin village)
  Our hostel, was with Skye backpackers; however, we were located in a different area from the main hostel.  It was nice because we had our own little nook; however, a little all the amenities were located at the main hostel.  This was a little inconvenient; however, being that Kilkenzie was such a small village, they weren't far apart.  So I decided I would venture over to the other hostel to check my email and explore the area on the way.  Even though Kilkenzie is a small village, it definitely had a great view of Skye bridge, both during the day and the evening. After exploring for a little while, I decided to head over to King Haakon bar to have something to eat.  This restaurent's was cute with really good food.  They have a divided area to the restaurent, so that you could eat in a finer dining area or eat in the bar area.
View from my hostel
  Both are great; however, the bar area was more to my liking.  We ended up taking a seat by the future band and spoke with them a little while.  It was interesting though, even though they were suppose to start playing around 8pm, they were in no rush to get to work.  They were enjoying some food and having fun chatting away.  They didn't even begin playing by the time we decided to check out the second pub; which I believe was closer to 9pm. The second pub, called Saucy Mary's, was great.  They had an awesome Celtic band playing and definitely had a wild vibe within it's quarters.  The band, which I failed to remember their name, were excellent and very talented!  One guy played the flute, another a violin and some even sang.  I was definitely feeling into the Celtic rhythms they were playing.  I think about half of our tour group were there and we had a excellent time playing some billiards, drinking some great scottish ale and enjoying the live music. That night was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.  I even recorded some audio of the music they were playing; which, unfortunately I can't share at this time.  But at least I will have more vivid recollection from that night with it!
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Skye bridge in the village of Kile…
Skye bridge in the village of Kil…
Sky bridge in the early evening (K…
Sky bridge in the early evening (…
View from my hostel
View from my hostel
View from my hostel
View from my hostel
photo by: Nzelvis