First day of my adventure - Day 1

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I first landed at Gatwick airport for a quick layover because I was going to take another flight from London to Edinburgh. So once I got off the sleepless flight from Canada, I tried to hurry thought customs. It was an interesting experience. The customs officer wasn't particularly the nicest and wasn't too thrilled that I didn't have the information of the first hostel I was staying at in Edinburgh ready and available. This was one of the first international flights that I had been on and had no idea that I would be required to supply this information. Luckily I had a copy of all my hostel reservations in my carry on bag. Afterwards it was on to the next task of trying to collect my luggage in a swift manner so that I could get to the south terminal for my next flight. I was a little stressed because it seemed to be taking forever to get my baggage. Why is it that it seems that I am always the last one to get my baggage? Lol....oh well, luckily I got my baggage in time for my next flight. Getting to the south terminal, from the north terminal of Gatwick airport, was pretty easy. I just took the bus that they supplied right outside the terminal exist.
Once I got to the south terminal, my next task was to check in for my next flight. Luckily I had checked in online, from Canada, and had already printed my boarding pass. This made it extremely easy. I wish all airlines were like this, for instance, my original flight from Canada. The lines for the bag check-ins were pretty small considering it was like 5:30 am in the morning; which was great for my timeline.
For this flight, I took British Airways. It was a quick flight to Edinburgh. I think it was less then 2 hours. Nothing spectacular about the plane or the flight, but maybe it was because I was sleep deprived from the overnight flight from Canada.
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photo by: ulysses