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Picture of a bridge on my way to Inverness. Sorry about the quality but I doubt the bus driver would have stopped for me to take a pic!
So the bus ride to Inverness was so long or maybe it just felt that way because I had been up for longer then 24 hours! Luckily I managed to get a power nap in the uncomfortable bus. The view from the bus was extremely beautiful though. The highlands were great and everyone in awhile I got to see a beautiful small waterfall. I wish I could have drove there so that I could have stopped to take pictures of the scenery anytime I wanted.

When i finally got to Inverness, I went into the bus terminal to get a map of the area. At that point though I was way too tired and didn't feel like trying to find my way to the hostel (Inverness Student Hotel). So I opted to take a cab ride instead.
Same bridge different view
It ended up being a quick ride. It only took about 5 mins to get to the hostel but the cab driver re-assured me that it would have taking a lot longer if I would have walked. The nice thing was that I had arrived at the hostel at the same time as the tour group.

The hostel itself was clean but very inconvenient. It didn't have any outlets in the rooms and only had two showers for at least 15 plus people. I was also assigned a top bunk in the room and there was no latter to get up onto the the bed. To add to this, the hostel was a little cold because one of the windows didn't even close properly! I got to meet a couple of the people on the tour that were assigned to the same room as myself. One of the gals in my room said that she was going to try and find the Tesco (local grocery store) to get some supplies for the following day, so I opted to go with her.
Scenery during the ride to Inverness from the bus
The Tesco was a short 10 minute walk from the hostel. Because the people from the tour group were going out for supper, the girl that I walked down with was in a rush to get her stuff to go and meet them. At that point, going out for supper was furthest from my list of things to do, so I took my time to gather everything that I wanted to purchase and slowly made my way back to the hostel.

After a quick shower, then deciding that there is not point to try and sleep, I decided to meet up with the group at the restaurant downtown. During my walk, I manage to take a couple of pictures of Inverness, for instance, the Inverness castle that was just down the street of the hostel. The restaurant itself was really cozy and since I had eaten a sandwich at the hostel, I ordered a drink instead and sat with some girls from the tour group.
Picture of Inverness Castle
I made some small chat but decided not to stay long because I was just to tired from the trip.

The one thing that I remember thinking about during my walk downtown, was how absolutely beautiful it was and that I remember feeling absolutely peaceful. The downtown area wasn't that busy because most of the shops were closed for the night, but it was definitely a charming town. It was a shame that I didn't opt to go to the town a little earlier; instead of staying in Edinburgh. Also that I was so tired and didn't feel like taking more pictures of the town.

Note to self, if I manage to ever get back to Scotland, go back to Inverness to explore the beautiful city!

paul0511 says:
That looks like the Forth Bridge :-)
Posted on: May 22, 2010
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Picture of a bridge on my way to I…
Picture of a bridge on my way to …
Same bridge different view
Same bridge different view
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Picture of Inverness Castle
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