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Thé intro is in english but thé rest of thé blog Will be in french and translate when i Will be back.

Job is over in 2 weeks !  I bought a trailer, a tent, a new light sleeping bag, a light camping burner... every yhong is suppose to be light as i have to carry all that and the bike and the trailer !!!  Yeah... if i lose 15 to 20 pound on this trip, even i will be lean ! I will be starting my trip just south of my actual residence, just across the river (south)... the first week will be going east all along the St-Lawrence river until i reach the town of Mont Joli (Joli is pretty in french) and then be able to go across the valley Matapedia to reach New Brunswick !  Continuing south, making all the east coast of New Brunswick to Nova Scotia and then going north-east to the cabot trail and to the end of the Cape Breton island.  And then go back form the others side of Cape Breton island and finally across New Brunswick again to reach the St-Lawrence rivers by going north but this time on the west side of the province of New Brunswick.  On the St-Lawrence-rivers, the ways back is just the reverse of the first week except that i will join St-Lawrence Rivers a little more on the west (Town of Rivieres du Loup (can translate by Rivers of the Wolf)).  As everything will depend on temperature and how much kilometer i will be able to do in one day of bike... every camping or motel will be booked at mid day everyday.  For lunch i will see, as my trailer and i cannot take a lot of food at the same time... grocery should be on the itinerary every day. 

It's been a long time since i've took my bag and leave with no ending or destination planned in advance... in fact there was always a little more planning than for this trip and the one in south america in october.  I fell so dumb to see that peole use to live in nature and that we are so use to our little comfort in our littre home with TV and everything...  Looking foward to see how i will adapt to this new life for the weeks to come.  That puts so much change in my planned and scheduled professionnal life, with the boss, the obligation, the need to always deliver more and be efficient.  Just hope i remember how to live a day at once, taking time to appreciate what's around.... that should be the real life, but society is so far from that and is so imposing on ourselved that is a bit stressful to leave all the artificial for the real !  As it is often said, staying still and comfy is always easier that provoking change and getting out of our comfort zone !  To all travelers who taste the real life and the true meaning of liberty, i think of you and i'm thrill to discover your world soon !  It's still a bit frightening to quit everything and even not have a job settle and knowing what will happen when i will be back !   I'll first leave the prison of my office and be soon on the road !!! Hope everything will be a little clearer on the end of all the trips i planned or the next year.   YaH Houououoou !!!!

This is a first, i don't know how often i will be writing.  Thanks to all friend and family supporting me !
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