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the singers at Nadi Airport
We traveled from Singapore through to Sydney then Nadi. The flight from Sydney to Nadi was 4 and half and we were both freezing on the plane. We had to snuggle together to keep warm under the blanket that the stewardess gave us. Despite this we didn't complain much, we waited for this trip long enough to keep us from complaining. It was 7.30pm when the plane landed in Nadi, so we couldn't really see much from the air but one thing we noticed was that the whole island is not brightly lit. As we got off the plane warm and humid Fijian air greeted us. We looked at each other in content, it felt like the promise of sun for the following day. We rushed to the immigration as the line was building up.
take two!
And then we had to cue again for the screening of our luggage. We changed some money enough to pay our transfer to the hotel. The exchange rate was a rob, but we didn't have a choice.  Once out from the luggage screening, a little passage leads us to the exit and to the wide lounge where there were pretty huge men with flowers on their ears and greets you "Bula" almost like a shout and cry at the same time.  There was a man/woman just behind counter 3 who greeted with a very warm enthusiasm as if we have met before and he was patiently waiting for us at the airport ready to take us home.  There were 3 men in a floral shirt with a guitar serenading the airport exit and of course they too have flowers in their ears.  This is very new to me, I would never imagine men with flowers on their ears.  
As we jumped up the van there were other people with us too, a mother and son heading to the Shangri-la too and there were two sisters traveling to the Intercon. Both were drunk and loud. The ride with them was like getting on a bus with 5 yrs old kids going to kindergarten and screaming their lungs out to get off the bus to go home. It was 30 mins of torture. Then we stopped by on a small grocery shop so passengers can pick up somethings, ie. water, juices, chips, etc. We didnt come out of the van at all. My brain was half awake, I could only select what I want to do. After the 5 min stop over, the sisters went on to a different vehicle which felt like "the calm after the storm". they were picking on us, particularly loquito, the fact that he is Spanish - excite them a lot. He was not at all happy. The ride was for another 20 mins and we got to the Shangri-la peacefully.
The hotel is huge, about 400+ rooms, however my impression about the hotel didnt tell me that I am at the Shangri-la. Perhaps, my expectations are more than what they offer. The check in was smooth, but we had to wait for a long time to have our luggage brought to our rooms, it seems that the coordination was not there at all between the desk and the bell service. The people were great though they always recognize and greet you but much to my surprise it seems that a lot of staff are just hanging around wasting your time. They give you a huge story and laugh a lot with you. Our luggage was delivered after 2-3 times that we asked for it, the buggy was always coming but actually never came until one of the staff just hopped into the one parked on the side and made us jump to it with our luggage. Then the same person took us to the restaurant for dinner.
The dinner was buffet, good selection but pretty basic. I had to remind myself that I am not at the Four Seasons. Shangri-la was a name associated for good food, however I got a feeling that this Shangri-la is not really a Shangri-la. And I went down a bit on my expectations. The mosquitos are everywhere and they are pissing off Loquito very much. What pisses me off was the frogs were all over the place. And I am so afraid of frogs that I get nightmares if I ever have any encounters, for this I don't know why?
We got back to our room, took shower and buried ourselves to bed as if we have not seen a bed in ages. That was day 1 Fiji.

jenyenh says:
Ted - I will soon, Im just having some probs with downloading the photos..but I will promise!
Posted on: May 19, 2010
ted332 says:
post na og mga pics beh. excited na ko mo tan-aw. huwat ko...:)
Posted on: May 18, 2010
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the singers at Nadi Airport
the singers at Nadi Airport
take two!
take two!
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