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I live in Omaha, Nebraska USA.  I am happily married and I have two extraordinary young boys.  I've lived in Omaha for over 17 years.  I have one brother and two sisters whom also live in Omaha.  Each other married and all but one sister has children.  My parents have retired and relocated to Omaha in order to be closer to their granchildren.  In all, there are 17 (as of 2010, we are now 18) of us here and while we are generally close, we have our moments of differences as well.

Over the weekend, we received notice that a dear great uncle of mine had passed away.  This was my father's uncle and he was 97.  He lived a great life and was ready to move on.  Don Juan influenced a great many lives and left an incredible legacy.  The decision remain who of the 18 of us wanted to go for the funeral and how were we going to get there?

I knew I would be going and I knew that my parents would also want to attend.  I was ready to fly there but I was also willing to drive if needed.  My parents were indifferent but wanted to keep the family together.  The question was whether my siblings would be able to come, if they could get away from work, school and what to do with the children.  In the end, my brother wanted to go if we drove.  My sister and brother in law wanted to attend as well but could only afford to drive.  So driving was the choice.  My car was also the choice.  I have an older gas guzzler but it can seat seven.  So technically we could fit 6 adults in this SUV but to do so for an 8 hour drive was going to an experience. 

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Posted on: May 20, 2010
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So now that we decided to drive to Chicago and all in my old Durango, the question remained, what about the bags?  Feasibly we could fit the baggage in the back of the vehicle but my mother was never known for packing lightly.  The night before, my sister was trying to talk my mother out of bring six pairs of shoes for the four day trip, two of which were driving days.  My brother, who works a night shift and would be working the night before we drive out was stubbornly insisting that he would need to drive because of space.  He is so head strong that he can't be talked into reason sometimes. 

The morning came for our departure and we gathered at my parents place.  Miraculously, the bags fit and we were off in one car.  I was driving, big brother beside me, parents in the middle section and you couple at the rear.  Mom made sandwiches and coffee.  I brought a soft cooler full of water bottles.  My parents were gitty and hyper and my brother brought ear plugs and a sleeping mask.

Off we went towards interstate 80.  Tank is full, oil was changed the night before and I had at least 6 hours of sleep.  I was as ready for the drive as I was going to get.


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