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Jesse and I did some interior design on our friends house. Actually Jesse did all the designing and I was his helper. He redesigned the whole living room, dinning room, entry, bar room and bathroom. We tore out walls knocked down the fireplace and restoned it. Painted bought new furniture wall décor, lighting everything. We did about $15,000 worth of work and it came out beautiful. Since they are friends of ours we did not charge them anything. So what they did was sent us on a vacation to New Orleans, LA. That was so great of them and it was an amazing trip. They booked and paid for the flight, hotel and gave us $500 in spending money. They were so generous to us.

They did embarrass us though! I’ll tell you that. When we finished the house they had a house party so everyone can see the remodel and redesign. They invited all our friends and family so they can show everyone the house and had a big BBQ. During dinner they did a toast to us and thanked us and brought out two buckets that had craw fish painted on them with allot of confetti and gift tissue in side. They had us look through them in front of everyone and we pulled out our airline tickets and hotel reservation and a bunch of 20 dollar bills that came out to $500 for spending money on our trip. We were so surprised and so excited we had always wanted to go to New Orleans, LA.

The trip was amazing. We had a great time exploring NOLA taking a tour with Cajun Pride Swamp Tours (check out my reviews) During the Cajun Pride Swamp Tours. We saw amazing wild life and natural plant life. We saw Alligators get fed and learned about their natural habitat and their history in NOLA. That is not the only tours they have. They also offer city tours, cemetery and plantation tours. We did all of them at a discounted rate. Talk with them they will give you a great deal.

We did allot of walking in New Orleans. We stayed in the French Quarter at Hotel Monte Leon. Which was a very nice hotel with great customer service. From there we could walk anywhere. Café dumon was a few blocks away, bourbon street was too. The Shopping Mall and the Aquarium was quite a distance also. We walked anyway. We needed to. We had to walk off all that great food we were eating. hahaha After touring the Aquarium we went over to IMAX theater and saw the movie Hurricane on the Bayou (A must see movie by the way) We went out to a couple of clubs, shopped and just went everywhere to get a feel of NOLA. We stopped by Brad Pitts and Angelina’s house went in for some coffee and chit chatted with them for a while. hahaha yea right. I wish. The only thing we did there was take a photo in front of their garage.

We were there for 5 days and had one of the best times of our life. We love NOLA we go there every year now and would love to move there. The humidity is bad but we didn’t mind it. I know there is allot of bad weather there but its tolerable. There is bad weather everywhere. At least the weather there is predictable. We live in California with unpredictable earthquakes.

If you are ever contemplating on visiting NOLA, Go For It! You will have the time of your life!

montecarlostar says:
I am glad you enjoyed NOLA, it's definitively my favorite city in the USA!
Posted on: May 12, 2010
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