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Hitting 43% for MAG.
So, here we are. I've been busy fundraising for the Cambodia Challenge for a month now. So far it's been quite an experience with its ups and its downs and quite confronting as well. Fundraising obviously comes with its surprises and disillusions and disappointments. Here's a few I'd like to share with you.

The first disillusion is the realisation that not everybody cares. Well, at least they don't care as much as I do. Maybe it's because this is just one more charity in a long row of others that they are confronted with on a frequent basis. But I had expected that my participation and volunteering in the project would make a difference. To some people it does. And a positive surprise has been how generous these people can be when they do understand and support you. As a matter of fact, many of those people are the ones that you would have expected to help you out.
Wearing a shining new MAG shirt.
But considering the personal budget of some of them I'm surprised by the relatively high amounts they donated.

Now, it's not that I want to complain about the lack of compassion of others. Not everybody thinks in the same way. But it does confirm something that I've been feeling for some time: how the individualism and the materialism in the western world has made many of us indifferent to what's going on beyond the borders of your own country or even our own household. Makes me wonder if I'm in the right place and time sometimes.

Having said that you can't really blame people, can you? It's just the way you've been trained to think by our culture. And to be perfectly honest, while MAG is a cause I feel very strongly about, there are loads of charities I couldn't care less about myself. But surely, if you've visited certain parts of the world and have seen what's going on in places like Cambodia, Lao, etc you are more receptive to these things? Turns out that this is not always the case.

So, this is quite a reality check. A rude awakening of sort. Then again, it has shaken me out of a certain naivety and I have found that certain things do work quite well. Both my employer and a business school I work for occasionally have made donations of 10% of the required amount. This has made me get into contact with another charity fund our headoffice manages, hoping for an additional donation from their side.
Also, I've noticed that sending out e-mails and posting requests on forums does not really work. What does work is if you tell people about the cause and your enthusiasm and background information sparks their interest and generosity. Now, I obviously cannot visit all of my friends and acquaintances telling them this story ... but there is another way. A new cunning plan is starting to form ... and new inspiration and drive to prove that this is all possible if you want it. Watch this space ...

Anyway, on behalf of MAG I want to thank those who have made contributions to the fund so far: mom and dad, Mark, Milly, Juliette, Marca and Kees, Angelique and Marnix, Beeckestijn Business School, De Lage Landen, Gijs, Derk, Biedjee, Paul, Marcel, Anthony & Esther and Bob. You're all stars and helped me to get to the 43%!

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Hitting 43% for MAG.
Hitting 43% for MAG.
Wearing a shining new MAG shirt.
Wearing a shining new MAG shirt.
photo by: edsander