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The title of this entry was an excellent description of my hair before last night. I have not gotten my hair cut since a few days before I left Canada. So you can imagine just how long and unruly it was getting on me. There was many a day I had to beat it into submission with a stick or threaten it with scissors to keep it in check. And even then it was mediocre at best. The girls at the school kept saying it was very good and I looked very dashing, but I knew they were lying.

I have been hesitant to get my hair cut here for sanitary reasons. There are literally thousands of hair salons and barber shops in this city. You could walk down any street and find at least six. The problem is, they don’t look the cleanest and none of them here have even heard of Barbasol or sterilizing there scissors or combs before their next client. Clippers and hair dryers usually have their home on the floor beside the station. Because of this I have been holding off and looking for at least one place that might be more sanitary than the rest. Which means that I would have to go to the upscale east end of the city or downtown to find one. This would mean I would have to spend more money but I didn’t care, CoCo and Christina thought it would be too expensive but I would not be swayed.

Last night after hitting downtown for some shopping and some food, CoCo and Christina with Mike and I in tow took me to get my hair cut. We went to the first salon and they wanted 50RMB ($7.58 CAN) I said “Okay”. CoCo and Christina said “NO” and we kept walking. We stopped in at this little store because CoCo and Christina are shopaholics and Christina needed to buy flip flops because her “DESIGNER” shoes were killing her feet. After a half an hour in that store and me finally convincing them to hurry up, we were off to get my hair cut, AGAIN.

We finally found another salon. Christina went in to ask how much a cut was while CoCo, Mike and I got a good laugh out of the name of the place. (If you haven’t guessed it yet, keep reading). Christina said the price was okay and in I went. It was a nice place, certainly cleaner than most I had been to. Still no sterile equipment but it would have to do. They washed my hair, CoCo translated what I wanted to the sylist and my hair was finally cut. (And cut well I might add). Total cost? Well CoCo translated it to 50RMB which was fine by me so I gave them 100RMB to break. Turns out CoCo meant to say 15RMB not 50RMB because I got 85RMB back in change. So after all that my hair cut cost me 15RMB ( $2.27 CAN) not too shabby.

Oh and the name of the salon….

Hair Salon

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