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I have just returned from my four day trek to Hong Kong and it was amazing. Well the two days I was down there were amazing. The day of travel there and back were not. I awoke Monday morning to Mike telling me Maxine had just called and to pack my stuff because I was leaving for Hong Kong that afternoon. That didn’t leave much time to get ready and I was hoping to buy a reliable phone before I left. But alas there was no time. After a 24 hour train ride and a two hour bus ride I had finally made it to Shen Zhen my staging zone to Hong Kong.

I checked into my hotel and immediately had a shower then decided to hit the town. It was already 3pm so I would not have time to cross into Hong Kong get my Visa and get back out so I would head there tomorrow. Instead I walked the strip and did some exploring. Shen Zhen is a beautiful city. And it was nice and warm being far enough south. I grabbed some food, got hit up by a couple of pimps trying to peddle their wares, and a bunch of homeless bugging for a hand out. I politely declined them all and decided to find a bar. I ended up finding CD Bar (Which stands for City Dance) It was a very nice place good atmosphere excellent people. Anyone finding themselves in Shen Zhen should definately go. I met an Austrailian there on business named Steven and we talked for a bit, enjoyed the dancers and a couple of rounds. This one guy that sang karaoke was very very good, and had a lot of fans in the bar. The owner came out and greeted us making sure we were looked after. Steve headed back to his hotel and around closing time I headed out to get a bite to eat with the owner and a few of the girls that worked there. All in all it was a great night.

I hit Hong Kong the next day getting through customs and immigration was no problem. Most everything was in Chinese AND English which was a nice change of pace. The one thing I was surprised by, every foreigner I ran into was incredibly pretentious and very rude. Simple questions for help were quickly ignored. One guy even agreed to help until he found out what I wanted then said he had no idea after he had already admitted he knew the answer. No matter, I just asked the locals and they were more than happy to help. So I managed to get to the Visa that day and made it back to Shen Zhen. I hit CD Bar again that night to say goodbye to everyone and made my way to the train the next morning.

While waiting for the train I met a fellow foreigner named Josh. He was from Austrailia. We both had some time to kill for our trains so we ended talking for quite a while. Josh was surprised by how rude some foreigners in the area were as well. He just came up to me while I was sitting there and we began talking it was awesome. We both agreed that it should be this way all the time with foreigners. After talking for a couple of hours we headed to the waiting rooms for the trains. It’s a good thing Josh was there too because I was waiting in the wrong area to begin with (Thanks Buddy). I gave him my info so we could keep in touch and we went our seperate ways. The train ride home sucked. 26 hours cramped into a little sleeping bunk surrounded by a bunch of people. But luckily that gave me a ton of time to write in my journal. Something I am increasingly getting behind on. Probably because I get too discriptive in my entries as none of them are less than 2 pages long. I must learn to keep them short and sweet.

More updates coming very soon. Stay tuned.

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photo by: alexchan