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So I attended my first English Corner this week. English Corner is where people go to practice speaking english. It is usually held on College or University campuses but can also be held in parks, coffee shops or wherever else people feel like getting together. I went with a friend of mine named Renato since he had been to othe English Corners before. We finally found where we had to go on campus walked up to the group already gathering. Instantly we were swarmed and the barrage of questions began. Where are you from? What is your favorite food? What is your country like? What sports do you like? etc….

We all ended up talking and asking questions for well over two hours. It’s very exhausting to be constantly bombarded with questions non stop. But it was an awesome experience and a lot of fun. The fight at the end was not though, eight guys not part of the English Corner started fighting with three guys also not from the English Corner. The eight guys had pipes the other guys didn’t. It broke up fairly quickly and some people called an ambulance for the guys on the receiving end. One guy had a massive gash across his head and there was blood everywhere. Definately surprising even for the students there, you could tell they were all embarassed it even happened.

Went to a city outside ZhengZhou today called Kai Feng. Finally a city with old Chinese architecture!! It was beautiful and I will upload the pics I took soon. Unfortunately it was a whirlwind trip and I didn’t have time to take really good pictures. But I will definately head back there later with Mike to get some great ones.

More to come.

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photo by: alexchan