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Okay, so this title requires some explanation so let me set the stage.

Last night Mike and I headed out to The Class Bar. A club we frequent with good atmosphere and staff. Plus our buddy King works there.

So Mike, Sandy, CoCo and I headed there and were shown to the seats that King had set aside for us. We ordered our beer and settled in for what is always a good time. After about an hour though Sandy wanted to leave. Class Bar was not her cup of tea I guess, so we left and I figured we were just going to head home. To my disappointment.

However that was not the case. Instead Sandy took us to another club called “Enjoy” a club she had frequented in the past apparently. “Much better than Class” she said. So we went in and I was already skeptical because there wasn’t even music playing. But we found a seat and were about to order drinks when Sandy started talking to the wait staff. It turns out the table we were at had a minimum purchase price to sit there. Something like 300 RMB ($45.50 CAN) I think. Pretty stupid idea as far as I was concerned, wasn’t even a good seat. So we got up and were about to leave until Sandy started talking to the manager at the door. She talked him into getting us a different seat that we didn’t have to “pay” for. Sandy is an awesome negotiator.

Now that the stage has been set and the story told up to this point. We can get to the reason for the blog title.

After drinking for a while nature called as it is want to do. So I made my way to the bathroom. (Or WC as it is known here.) No biggie same as usual. I stepped up to the trough which is basically a wall with water running down it which you urinate on that ends in a sunken trough for lack of a better word. No dividers but hey who cares that’s not the wierd part. But this is.

I’m doing my business and suddenly this guy comes up behind me, says something in chinese, throws a hot towel across my neck and begins massaging my shoulders. Having absolutely no idea what’s going on and being utterly shocked that some guy is actually touching me in the men’s room while i’m still in the process of going to the bathroom. I defer to my limited knowledge of Chinese custom and mannerisms and decide i’m not being attacked, so I let him continue while I finish and zip up my pants. Preparing to lay him out on the floor should the need arise. He keeps massaging my shoulders then proceeds to tilt my head back and crack my neck in both directions like a Chiropractor would do. This took me by surprise but he was very good at it, and anyone who knows me, knows I like going to the Chiropractor. He went back to massaging my neck, back and shoulders which was very relaxing then showed me to the sink where I could wash my hands.

I never in a million years thought that would be a service offered in a mens room, but it was. I tipped the guy 20RMB ($3.00 CAN)since it was the smallest bill I had and went back to our table. Not sure what to think of the entire experience, I went to tell Mike about it but burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. The ramifiactions of doing such a thing in North America was hilarious to think of, not to mention the whole experience itself. Sandy and CoCo were already smiling so I’m sure they knew ahead of time what I was in store for. I managed to calm down a little and told Mike what happened. Finishing the story with “He was good and very gentle”. =)

Needless to say the world can be a very strange place.

The next day Mike, Christina, CoCo and I headed out to lunch at a restaurant called “Golden Hans”. This place was amazing, it was huge. All the waiters wore these cowboy costumes and the waitresses these school marm dresses or some such. The menu seemed to be fixed and they just keep bringing all of these differently prepared meats to your table. Which included Beef, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Boar, Chicken Heart (which was very good) and an amazing calamari or octopus meat. And get this….they bring it all out on SWORDS! *wipes tear from eye* It was awesome. The meat is skewered on these swords and they just hack some off onto your plate. I was in heaven, not only did I get to eat a ton of meat. (Something that is few and far between in the local cuisine). But it was carved off swords! Nothing gets better than this….. Oh wait. Yes it does. This place also brews their own beer and it’s FREE with you meal!! Free and good! To supplement your meal there is a buffet with all sorts of salads, noodles, veggies etc.. It was excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone that visits ZhengZhou. I plan to return many, many times. It was very well priced as well, the entire meal for all four of us totaled 120 RMB ($18.20 CAN). Very little considering twelve beers last night cost 200 RMB ($30.30 CAN).

This just keeps getting better and better. Stay tuned for more.

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photo by: alexchan