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The Antelope Slot Canyon in Page, which is in Northern Arizona is a remarkable natural occurrence.  I had heard about these "type" of canyon's from magazines but was only aware of one in Chelle National Park.  Africancrab was the knowledgeable one about the Canyon's location and what it offered.  
The Canyon is suppose to have an upper and lower portion, but the basic tour that we took covered both of them as it is simply the opposite entrances to the canyon.  The picture shots are immaculate and many! The water has carved out the softer rock and left the hard rock and in the process has left a slot canyon that curves and reflects the light and shadows to give amazing pictures.
 Found inside the various curves are of course projections of rock that appear to be sculptures of animals or men, my favorite being one of a coyote howling (picture included).
The cost of the tour was $80.00 for two adults and a child.  That included a dance by a Native American ( a term they stated strongly that they preferred)  and then a drive in a 4x4 bus to the cave entrance (20 minute drive).  Once at the canyon a guide (included in price) would take you through the canyon and point out areas of interest.  He (or they) would also show the best angles for pictures and would take the picture with your own camera if you wished of the particular shot.  The angles and shots that they pointed out were fantastic and seemed to capture the lights and shadows in excellent forms.  We went during the middle of the day, and later tours apparently have some different pictures available as the sun moves and changes the various colors and pictures available.  Dawn and Dusk apparently are quite beautiful and have lots of picture opportunities, but our schedule only permitted a noonish time frame for the tour.
In all, an excellent stop for a 3 hour tour.  The town, being in the reservation is built around the tourist sites, of which the main one is the Antelope Canyon.
Boston_Babe says:
Ha! I am just about to start blogging about my tour here two weeks after you were there!
Posted on: Oct 02, 2010
Africancrab says:
Great writing. Indeed the photos are outstanding. I'm glad we did it.
Posted on: Oct 01, 2010
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