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Part of the Summer Tavern Gang, (One Missing)

Hello all, a couple of people started to ask where my next blog was so i've decided to write it. Its a little short on photos at the moment but that situation will be fixed.

Firstly, my office. I have a lovely white cubicle and I now understand all Dilbert jokes and Pete so kindly pointed out lol. I keep rushing around in a mad panic doing work (mostly phone calls, emails, and tea breaks) but odly im enjoying it. I have some wonderful collegues and the office is really freindly. I special hello to Lee who is off to South Africa even though we only just met. I shall have to bump up the office insanity level!

Havent done alot of sightseeing due to work lol but meeting up with a good old mate from HK, oh and i've found a flat to move into from the first of July, its one room, furnished, and lovely, near the beach and i couldnt ask for more. (Except a broadand connection, going to have to go dialup from home over the next few months lol.)

What else...

oh yes the most fun but also sad part of all. Totally randomly I met 3 amasing people, we hit it off instantly and have become good friends. I wont share names here but one is a crazy but lovely Mexican girl who is a film maker and I have proof that I know her with a photograph when her new film becomes famous, the second is a delightful girl from France who works in the wine trade, and the third is a Neopolitan guy who is almost as cool as my self hehe and he is off travelling in australia, so to any other travellers in east coast, just be nice to any italians you meet ok hehe. 

He's tall, hes Italian and he cooks, what more could those ausie girls want hehe.

I wont forget how great these three people made my first week in singapore when I was missing all my other amasing freinds back home.

Anyway, that is waaaay too much of the soppyness.

I got a 2.1 in my exams which pretty amasing as far as i'm concerned and thank god I never have to use any of that knowledge again mwa hahaha hehe.

Oh today I got stopped by police after crossing a road where there was no crossing. Now normally such a terrible offence results in a fine of about 24 million dollars or possbly the death penalty though I think that is only reserved for people who chew gum. Either way, to cut the story short, the police were very understanding of me being a stupid foreigner and let me go!!! (Singapore is not the place to get drunk on the streets lol NO DISRUPTION TO THE SQUEEKY CLEANESS!!!) hehe

So all in all my first week has been ups and downs, but im loving Singapore, i've made some amasing new freinds and anyone I already know who suddenly happens to have the time and cash and feels like visiting please do!!!

Or I can see you when my voyage takes a random reverse cycle when I go back to Holland for 4 days... More on that story later.

Can I just also say, I love the random texts mary, most enjoyable.

God what a rant I have had today, feels good though.

i'm off to bed to dream of pure white cubicles and water coolers. Dilbert anyone?


Tharamir says:
and like I ever care about grammar now that uni is over
Posted on: Jun 22, 2007
Tharamir says:
Look, its hard to type on a laptop when you are on the MRT :P
Posted on: Jun 22, 2007
saz_angelface says:
also impressed by the incredibly good spelling and grammar ;o)
Posted on: Jun 22, 2007
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Part of the Summer Tavern Gang, (O…
Part of the Summer Tavern Gang, (…
photo by: easyjobrob