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UE Square (A Shell Building with Unilever inside, Dutch do stick together dont they) My Office Block btw (16th floor)

Hello all of you who have been so kindly watching this blog.

So sorry about the delay, I had the idea that my next entry would include pictures of the people I have met...

HOWEVER... (and these people know who they are grrr) I am still waiting for a whole load of photos from others, as stupidly I have not been the one taking them.

With this is mind, the photos in this blog are a random collection of stuff I took with my phone, of the office, my flat, my lovely sister going to her ball (Wedding photos to come as well) etc etc. Excluded at the moment will be the guys I met at the Hostel, my Inconvenient Team members, some other work friends, and the photos I took (then lost) of the area I’m living and of China town.

Worked out which one my boss is yet?
Ok so that a huge chunk of photo incompetence, now for the journal.

Right so the last two weeks have been insanely busy. Work has kicked off and I met my team members the end of last week. A fun bunch from all over the place. P&G better watch out, that’s all I can say. Finished the week with an amazing office party, (on office tab wheyhey) various free flowing, and expensive treats. (photos to come)

Last weekend I rushed back to Europe for a few days to be at my dads wedding. Was lovely and fun and I am very happy for them. I officially have 4 loving parents now lol. (again photos to come) had a great time seeing my family as well. Hi to Mary (who officially is a member of the family too now lol) and Maria who is actually a family member lol. Pete (GAMES DAMN IT!) Steph (who is missing out on Australia for the second time :-P) and to Lani (who rushed off to be a check in lady)

Umm right working backwards here.


oh yeh weekend before I went to the Esplanade (Singapore's Version of the West End) and watched some free fire twirling thing which I have included lol, very cool.

What else can I say. In line with the project I'm working on I would like to ask you all to think green today, change a light bulb to an energy efficient one, and recycle some paper. BE GREEN!!!

On that note I’m off to book 13 flights around Asia (don’t worry I’ll offset them all by investing in a protected and sustained tropical forest)

hmm. more to tell I’m sure but it’s becoming a blur. Settled in now so hopefully I can update this more often.


Tharamir says:
Lol thx for pointing that out, must be when i uploaded two sets of photos. Really should write a new entry, which I will soon, they might become more regular when im actually traveling daily lol.
Posted on: Jul 18, 2007
iambrilliant says:
1. youd do realise you've written the blog out twice ;)

2. twirly fire stuff is called fire poi. how wise i am!

more loving comments to follow once i've finished looking at your photos xxxxxxxxxx
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
saz_angelface says:
Well Sarahs are very well organised u see. It's in our blood, either that or we're bored hehe.

And response to your status, i'm saving the world one bucket of stock at a time.;o)
Talk soon - unless i die whilst taking my driving lesson this morning. tooodles. xx
Posted on: Jul 12, 2007
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