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Well I said farewell to my first little home and dragged my arse into town (ok so I took a taxi) and enjoyed one last student discount at subway before stepping on board the Reading to Gatwick Express. By "Express" I of course mean it in the British sense of the word, 576 tiny little stations on the way, with charming names such a Blackwater, and Dorking Deep Deane or some such. Anyway, Loving Easyjet as I do, I charged straight up to them with my angry face on (to try and avoid any moronic occurrences) and checked in, declaring that my baggage was hugely over the limit (12 kg over ) and that I expected to pay a ridiculous amount for it. I was pleasantly surprised when the bright orange blob didn’t pay a hint of attention to me or my bags and checked me on anyway.

And so, I left the UK, for at least the next 6 months or so.

At Amsterdam, despite having a panic when one of my bags had been tampered with and a jumper stolen but not the 100 quid hard drive (Logical), I said ciao to Dad and Inga, and dumped a load of my stuff for them to take home :D

My Flight was long and sleep filled, as the 87 vaccinations I had endured on Wednesday continued to take their toll and I awoke with just an hour to spare before landing. Oh and at some point I watched a French film called "La Vie in Rose". Hugely dull and weird...

(At this point in the story you all must be very bored so I recommend getting up for a biscuit or something)

With that in mind, Singapore looks amassing, it’s hot all the time, and it has not stopped raining since I arrived as its monsoon, which I forgot.

My hotel as you can see is simple but nice on a weird little street in Chinatown. It's full of backpackers but none of us speak the same language and most seem to be aggressive Polish people or slightly mental Australians, but it’s an interesting experience. (Oh I left out the part where my accommodation agency called my hotel for no reason at all to tell them I wasn't arriving until the 21st and as such, I know have to switch rooms randomly in order to fit into the Hotel)

I then spent the first night here enjoying a freshly cooked Thai meal from a food market chatting to some Indian guy who is in shipping (as almost everyone seems to be here). The Food is really cheap and yummy!!! I was then kindly taken out for drinks (Photos in next instalment) by 5 charming women from the office, who introduced me to the largest margarita I have ever seen and succeeded in getting me tipsy.

So with that brilliant first impression, and the nickname Harry Potter introduced within 5 minutes, we avoided the massive thunderstorm that appeared from nowhere and was literally drowning people stupid enough to walk out into it, and went dancing. For those of you who have seen me dance, you know this is a bad thing and therefore know that it is a miracle that I have not been sent back on a flight home already.

Right well that’s the longest thing I’ve written since exams, I'll really have to cut them down from now on loll. It's my first ever day or work tomorrow, fingers crossed.


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Thats fire hose 1 of 2 in my room …
Thats fire hose 1 of 2 in my room…
My Lovely view :D
My Lovely view :D
photo by: easyjobrob