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I didn’t know that when you fly for a long period of time, your feet can swell up.  I guess that means I haven’t travelled a whole lot.  When the plane landed and I put my shoes back on, I had difficulties tying them….uggggh.  Next time I will be more…[active?] on the plane

I’m now sitting in the lounge out my hostel yawning constantly and trying really hard not to doze off.   I slept for maybe an hour total on the plane.  I was trying desperately, but to no avail.  I just have to make it about five more hours and I can sleep without guilt.  Perhaps I need a Coke…there’s a machine right next to me and they’re only a pound…

I was actually quite lucky.  The plane was almost completely booked and yet I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me.  Somehow not checking in until 1am the morning of the flight worked out magically.  Also, if anyone wants to know, British airways has individual TVs with a million movie choices annnnnd they had free food (not bad at that!) and wine.   

I’m so confused as to what time it is.  One clock is telling me it’s 8:36am (Issaquah…), one is telling me 3:36 (London), and my body clock is screaming that whatever time it isssss, I need to shut my eyes for just a moment (or, you know, 10 hours…).

So far London is cold and gloomy.  Even inside I feel chilly. 

I saw some gignormous Palace out the plane window.  I would say it was Buckingham but I’m not certain and I don’t want to sound completely ignorant.   That’s about the coolest thing I’ve seen so far.  I’m going to play it low key today as I’m afraid I’ll fall over asleep if I try to wander outside.  There’s an inexpensive restaurant here at the hostel and I figured I would try that out.  Perhaps it will help make up for the 20pounds it took to get me to get from Heathrow to here.  The London Express is quite nice though.  All told it took about 40 minutes to get from the airport here.   There was a nice customer service person who actually took me to the underground to point out where I needed to go.  I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen.  Maybe I looked completely lost and helpless after an unsuccessful (on the sleeping front) red-eye flight.  Her very detailed notes helped me find my way pretty easily to my hostel.

I have a top bunk unfortunately, there weren’t any towels available to rent (So, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to shower), and the hostel peoples lost part of my reservation so I have to check out and right back in.  Other than that, it’s not a bad place, clean and more than one shower!  I haven’t met anyone yet but there have been some nice smiles, so I’m not completely without hope.

If I sound delirious, there is a reason for that!  More tomorrow, and perhaps some pictures!


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photo by: ulysses