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Thanks to all of you for being so friendly.  I have met a lot of people over the years and it never fails, the travel community is always the most friendly and welcoming community.
I think a person who desires to see other cultures and connect with the world around them is probably just more open to engaging with strangers.

I once met a retired couple in Missouri who shared their story of the first time they opened their house up to a stranger.

They were contacted by a traveler coming to the states and the person wanted a place to say sleep for the night.  While this isn't unheard of, I was shocked at what they told me next.

It just so happened that this was going to be their first experience in opening up their house to a traveler, but they were going to be out of town the weekend the person was going to need them.  Most people wouldn't open up their homes to strangers at all, but these people told the person that the key to their house would be at the neighbors.

They would be out of town, but the traveler was welcomed to use their beautiful home while they were gone... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!

I asked them "why would trust a total stranger that much?"  They responded with, "most people are good people." I responded with "it only takes one bad thing to happen" and they told me, "it hasn't happened yet and I'm over 60 years old"

It's just another example of how warm and friendly the traveling communities can be.

Thanks for all of your good comments and I'd like to comment back, but my ignorance of how to use this site seems to be wreaking havoc on me at the moment. I thought I posted a comment twice, but I don't see it anywhere:(

Hopefully, I'll figure all of this out someday soon.

June 26 looks to be our departure date.  We were working with a sponsor to help fund our broke butts, but the sponsor seems to have disappeared after nearly 6 weeks of ironing out the details.  So, we just pushed back the trip a few weeks and dug in our pockets a little deeper:)

take care,

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sylviandavid says:
hopefully it will work out....
Posted on: Aug 01, 2010
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