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the following was written on a stack of bar napkins last night (slightly edited for the sake of clarity)...

"dont question why she needs to be so free.  she ll tell you its the only way to be."  am a little hammered right now, wanted to take a few moments to sum up the past 30 hours...  my friends mila and corey came to visit me in san pedro.  wait.  rewind.  just over a year ago, i was at a lotte giants baseball game in sajik stadium in busan, s. korea, where i was introduced to mila and corey by mutual friends.  mila and i were "just add water" and although we had many mutual friends, it never came to pass that we had more than 5 minute interactions here and there.  but we stayed in touch knowing that this summer, i would be in guatemala, where mila is from and where she and corey have been living since they left the fact, i just learned that the two met 5 years ago just 500 meters from the lil place i have been calling mi casa for the last 3 weeks. 

so, despite the píssing rain yesterday, my lovely friends motivated and drove from antigua to panajachel (which was a feat in its own given the eruption of pacaya thursday).  they left their car at pana and took a boat over, thinking they were getting OUT of the place where disaster was centered.   BY the time they arrived at about 5pm, it had already been coming down for at least 12 hours straight...we headed back to my house for a long overdue hangout and we drank and talked and smoked until we dropped. 

today, at about noon, we decided that the rain wasnt letting up and we were hungry enough to justify a trek to town in the torrential downpour...we put on bathing suits, threw a change of clothes in my dry pack and got out onto the camino finka only to find all of the locals, lined up on either side of the road, staring at what was, essentially, a river of mud. rushing mudslides from the volcano behind my house were tearing across the road, making it difficult to cross at parts.  no cars could pass, and the one huge truck at the gas station next door to my house was a "no passengers" deal.  and so we were led, hand in hand, by a local man wearing proper wellies, thru the knee deep river of sludge, and finally crossed the finish line (to the cheers of the locals - whether because we braved it or because we did it in bikinis, im not quite sure) to the point of the road where it is paved.

we only brought a small portion of our money, one set of clothes and almost nothing else, thinking wed go into town and get some lunch, buy some supplies and then head back to my place.  after three hours of chilling out on the DRY, cushiony second floor of buddha bar, ordering half the menu and then watching a pretty awful movie about terorism with samuel l jackson, we decided to motivate...thought we could find a boat or truck to take us to my place.  no such luck.  reports from the finka road were not good, apparently by this time, the mud river was waist deep, and everyone in the area was being evacuated.   abort mission.

a quick decision to plant ourselves at a local hostel was followed by the decision to put some white light energy around our valuables in my house, my house, my neighbors homes (much less structurally sound than my own) and of course all of the residents of this and other lake towns where the storm is wreaking havoc...

so we are here in el barrio now, and we have since learned that the road is now shoulder deep in mud, a lot of people have been displaced, houses have been demolished, the gas station beside my house has been wiped out, and there have possibly been some deaths.  tomorrow, we will do everything and anything in our power to help, although that we ve been told that this current rain is just the calm before the storm...that the "real storm" hurricaine agatha, is due to hit us in the wee hours of mañana.  not sure what we are in store for, as there no internet and dodgy electricity here now, but i am so grateful that i am not going thru this alone.  corey, mila and i are in the midst of a full on goonie adventure.   i ll write more tomorrow, as i ve just run out of bar napkins.

its now sunday morning. the sky is clear.  the storm warnings have been cancelled, and agatha  had been downgraded to a tropical "depression" whatever that means.  gonna go wake up my partners in crime, get some breakfast in us and then go see whats going on  down the finka road.  if my house is still there, and things are all good on that front, hopefully we ll be able to lend a hand to those who werent so fortunate...

dealergirl21 says:
Hey Jen... sorry I missed you on skype yesterday... Glad the sky is clear now and you are safe... Hope to catch you soon on skype guapa!
Posted on: May 31, 2010
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