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Today we were less amused then the other days. Our bus left at 9 in the morning so we had to hurry a bit. We ate breakfast and went up-stairs. It was a bit chaos in our room, we had to pack everything and be on for the bus. ofcourse we didn't made it on time. but not intirely our fault! once in 10 minutes an elevator came at our level. and almost every elevator was full. i also had (URGHH STUPID ME) that an almost empty elevator came, and the woman inside said that it was going up instead of down, so i hasitated and before i knew it the doors were closed. people had yelled to me that i had put my hands between the doors, but at that moment i just had a black-out!! ah well those people i will never see again!

The problem was that we didn't got an elevator for like 20 minutes. So when we finally got down, the group for the walk trough Canary Wharf already left. this was not really a problem because we dumped our suitcase (the driver said he would handle it, a very nice man) and we started running. although my very painful toe, we managed to catch up with the group. the walk wasn't spectaculair because we had already walked most of it the night before. but nevertheless a very beautiful area. Our bus picked us up, and we started our big drive to the Netherlands. we came very soon at the boat, we had no controls so we went very fast. once we had the boat we only drived and drived and drived. we had to change bus at Hazeldonk in The Netherlands and there a bus from Paris of Van Nood travels brought us to Utrecht and Almere.

And in Almere my parents got and get me. i was so exhausted and not feeling very good. but anyways iwent home unpacked my suitcase and went to sleep! but for a aschoolday i have to get from now on more sleep!

Nevertheless everything that wasn't nice or cool, i had a great time! my friends were nice, we had a beautiful travels guide, we used our free time better then everyone else, causing we had seen so much more then we would had with the busguide and only bustours. I amused me perfectly, but i really know now why vacation is such a organisation of you have to plan everything yourself! normally i would just walk after my parents hahahhaha! This journey has a very happy ending!

till tomorrow (school!) bleeeeeeeh :(

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photo by: ulysses