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the horse-guard change at White Hall

Saturday 8 of May. The day of  horse-guard change at White Hall. Unfortunately for us that day there was a national rememberence day for al the victims of worldwar II. So White Hall wasn’t completely available. So the ceremony with the horses had to take place at the back court of the Hall. It was very smal, so the ceremony had been shortened. I didn’t mind really. Sure I wanted to see the inpressive amount of horses and soldiers, but it rained and it was cold so I thought it was just good as it was.

After the horses we went to Covent Garden. It was qute but we had to follow the guide so we hadn’t much time to shop. We also took a walk through China Town.

the entrance of st. James Park i believe with on the end of the park Buckingham Palace.
And we stopped at piccadilly Circus. There the guide went away, and we took cab to Harrods.

Omg Harrods was the biggest, and most beautifullest warehouses I have ever seen. It is a pity that I can’t afford anything hahha! (not intirely true) I bought a piano song book for my sister ;P).

When we had been done drewling in front of the harrods windows, we decided to head up to Covent Garden with the subway. We wanted to visit shops we actually could afford. So we took the subway and got out at Covent Garden. We had visited many shops in very little time. But the best thing was that my friends could actually take forty-five minutes to fit on pyjama’s! then we went on shopping.

We saw at Covent Garden also very much expensive stores, so we were a little dissapointed.

Covent Garden flower market.
We followed the way exactly we walked that very same morning, and headed for Oxford Street. The guide said Oxford Street was less fun then Covent Garden. But I do not agree. Oxford Street was the Mekka for people like me. Young and actually quite modern. We love big stores with much clothes in appealing bright/screeming colours, and in unique styles.

Here we bought some true treasures and spended a little money. After being lost in the Topshop at Oxford Street, apperently the store is as big as my whole high school, maybe even bigger.

By that time it was around 9 o’clock English time. (greenwich zone I believe..) and we went searching for some food. We had to go back with the subway to the hotel, so we decided to walk towards the nearest underground entrance and pick some place to eat in the meanwhile. We saw this Italiann. Very sleek and modern it was called Stef’s I believe. An italian restaurant where you realy needed a reservation. We didn’t had one, so we buggererd off again.  Actually next to it, really NEXT to it was a diner called Nando’s. it’s concept was fun we had to pay for what we wanted to eat or drink. Then you get your refill glass and collect your nife’s and forks and then the order will come to your table.

When we had finished with eating we planned to go to the cinema afterwards. But the latest show we probably wouldn’t ahev made it. So we went to the Mac and there we planned our evening. We votes for going back to the hotel. So we took the subway, and then the DLR. But this time we went in, and he told us later that there were no DLR’s going to South Quay our stop!!! We had to take the bus, but we had spended all our last money in pounds so we decided to walk the last miles. It was actually a nice walk.

Tired and over-shopped we got back in the hotel. And im writing this at 3 am! Im nuts. Well tomorrow we have like 10 hours to sleep in the bus!  Good night!

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the horse-guard change at White Ha…
the horse-guard change at White H…
the entrance of st. James Park i b…
the entrance of st. James Park i …
Covent Garden flower market.
Covent Garden flower market.
photo by: ulysses