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Some doors of the St. Paul's

7 May Friday. The day of the theems boatride and the st. Paul’s. We had payed for the spa and sauna for one day, so we used it ofcourse. One of my friends set the alarm on the wrong time. Because from The Netherlands we had one hour time-difference in London. And the best thing of it was that she really slept through it! And at 7 o’clock the real alarm went off. We went to the swimming pool, and got rid of our sleepy heads. We were a bit too slow in changing because at 9.30 we had t be back in the hotel lobby for departure of the bus. But we were quite late. Thank god the bus hadn’t left yet. We hoped the ride on, and drove to St. Paul’s. it was quite inpressing, in the middle of the city. It was a resembly of the St. Pieter in Rome. Where I have been before. I also climbed the catheral before, so I thought I knew what to expect.

The view fromt he St. Paul's It was a schame that we were not allowed to take pictures or film the inside of the church.
But this was not the case. The stairs where from some kind of metal, and very very open. I was soo scared!!!! I really don’t know why I alsways go climb thing, while I actualy find it horrifying! I went all the way up, and had this amazing view! It was worth the fear.

There was much to see so I can only say, just go there for yourself! But as a tip: if you climbed the one in Rome this is (without being scared of height) a piece of cake!

After the St. Pauls we went to the Theems. We got on the boat and saw some things. Our boat just drove a little round on the Theems. It was a bit of a dissapointment! The other people of our travelling organisation went with the boat further back to the begindstation.

a bridge under construction
We got out at the London Eye-stop. From there we were free! Not free in a matter of strangers as guides, but really alone!!! There are no people with us who knew us. No control, no parents, no guides nothing. I know for most people that is the way of having a vacation, but for us the first time alone abroad! It felt great! We figured that going to Windsor, to see the Windsor Castle was to ambitioned. So we decides to do the London Eye in staid of the next day. With our ticket we also got a 4D-experience about the London Eye, a small film with some effects. It was funny, and then we went to the Millenium wheel!!!!!!!!!!! It was a cool experience, the safety rules were good, and the weather was also quite good. We saw a lot, and the compartimetns were made beautifully.

After this we walked a bit along the Theems, were many streets-preformancesers made a little show.

the London Eye!!!
Some more spectaculair then others.

After this we tried to walk to picaadilly circus. Via here we went to Oxford street, a street which I can recommend. Many many shops. Were we ofcourse bought some souvenirs. After the shopping it was quite late so we walked on to find a MacDonalds. Because some of my friends needed to eat there. While they were eating, me and the rest went searching for someplace to eat more ‘healthier’ and nicer :P we went to Garfunckel’s, apperently a veryy busy restaurant chain in Engeland. Very nice food, and fair prices only the drinks were quite expensive. We hurried to the metro because we wanted to swim a little bit before closing, but we just left to late! We first took the subway and then to the Docklands the DLR train (skytrain I believe). We were far too late to swim, but we just made it at home on the hotelrooms. And now im sooooooo tired :P

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Some doors of the St. Pauls
Some doors of the St. Paul's
The view fromt he St. Pauls It wa…
The view fromt he St. Paul's It w…
a bridge under construction
a bridge under construction
the London Eye!!!
the London Eye!!!
Very nice experience, the ferris w…
Very nice experience, the ferris …
We dont wanna go home!
We don't wanna go home!
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