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A real sensation on a boat. some of us didn't went on a ferry boat before. so we had to take some pictures!

Today May 6th. We got up early and went the the Central Station. I was first, what I hoped because I was the leader of the group. Of the little time I had left waiting on the others, I gave  my mother her mother’s day presents. Since we don’t know how late we will be back Sunday, I gave my presents in the car.

Soon after, the rest of my group arrived. I thought there would be others (strangers) that would hop on the bus in Almere, but we were the only ones. We were with 5 so we took the back-seat. This way I could sleep, and still sit besides my friends :P

The bus stopped actually once in Utrecht and then we were ready for driving towards Calais, France. In Utrecht much people got in the bus. Also people who went to Paris, so that was a bit strange.

Our travel company to London. We weren't that bis group so we were lucky.
But the funniest thing was that the most people were slightly older then us ! we were far the youngest people with no parents travelling. What do I say…! We were the only people (younger people) who travelled with no parents. It felt good, a feeling of independence.

The bus ride to Calais was not really spectaculair. Sometimes it went by very fast, but sometimes the time stood still. Just sleeping, talking, and stops for the ladiesroom!

Once in Calais I was really excited. I didn’t really had the feeling of going on a vacation, but in Calais I got tingles in my stomage. The boat was so cool!! I had so much fun watching the harbour getting smaller, and dissapear on the horizon. On the highest deck it was quite cold, but with a little exercise, and some globes, and a little sun, it was ok :P we stayed there for like 20 minutes or so. Then we walked around on the boat, and we ended up in the horizon bar.

Once in Kent we saw all the fields with..what's it called again.!
Too early we went back on the loading deck, because our driver still wasn’t there. I believe it was then only 1 hour left to London.

We got to London by the east side I believe, straight to Canary Wharf. In the Docklands our hotel was situated. The Britannia Internacional Hotel. Very veryyyy nice. We got overbooked so it was in our advantage! We now had a swimmingpool, gym, suana and spa! For only 5 pounds per stay!!!our room was incredible! I have been in many hotel in my live. But this hotel was a higher quality I usually went! We first were situated in the travelodge besides the travelodge, so it ewas quite a upgrade!!!

After some quarrels in the hotel, we were settled in the rooms and got ready to leave. We went with the bus to the hotel where allt he people got a buffet.

We saw so many red busses. There is only one old one bus no.15 i believe.
We didn’t really could afford allt hose luxury so we walked from there to some street and found a nice Italian restaurant that served ok food. I had cannelloni yummy!

We rushed back to the bus, when our time was up and went on the lighttour. It was great, although I expected more of the tour, it was ok. I can definitely say that I already saw a lot!  Harrods and the London Eye were lighten up pretty!

After the tour we went to the hotel and meeted in the hotel rooms, after searching for the health club. We talked what played some cards, and showered. And then finally our well deserved bed-rest!!!!!!



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A real sensation on a boat. some o…
A real sensation on a boat. some …
Our travel company to London. We w…
Our travel company to London. We …
Once in Kent we saw all the fields…
Once in Kent we saw all the field…
We saw so many red busses. There i…
We saw so many red busses. There …
nice view from the bus i believe...
nice view from the bus i believe...
Big Ben!
Big Ben!
bye bye Dover
bye bye Dover
Harbour of Calais
Harbour of Calais
back on the road
back on the road
photo by: ulysses