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The Coffee Bar attached to the Radisson, Baltimore - Gr8 place free wifi - good for wandering travellers
So we took the 3.30 am Greyhound bus from port authority, NYC to Baltimore thinking that it will be convenient for our friends to pick us up at 7.30 am only to realize that our friends had some SOS and would be able to pick us only by 4pm! So we had to kill time and we roamed around Baltimore – everything you need to see in Baltimore is in the
INNER HARBOR AREA and around. You can at MAX spend 2 days seeing Baltimore. I’d say 1 day is sufficient. Weekends are best since there is a crowd otherwise its probably even more sleepy and quiet. Also disappointed that greyhound didn’t have wifi on this route (we were having high hopes it seems)

So we landed at inner harbour at like 8 am on a Saturday and were hinting for a café to freshen up and relax a bit after our bus ride.
A submarine at the inner harbour
Most of the coffee shops around are more pick up and go places unless you walk into the more expensive hotels where you might get access to rest rooms. If you’re a back packer, I’d suggest visiting the “The Coffee Bar” attached to the Radisson hotel. They offer free wifi!!! Yippee if you want to kill some time and refresh yourself. Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-5pm Sat-Sun 7am-12pm. And they have a rest room below which we can sneak into. Plus it’s a neat place and good coffee.

Ok – you cant miss this – its right near the inner harbour and it’s a must watch. We very much wanted to watch the whale / dolphin show however apparently for those you need advance bookings!!! So guys ensure that you call them in advance in case you’re interested in the shows.
Check out the shark

You have to have lunch in the open area in the Inner Harbour – it’s a pretty cool thing to do. Many options available. We had it at the Uno Chicago Grill. Good place. Lazy service. Over smiling waiter. (I want to pass a msg to the waiters in the US – ok fine I understand your 15% tip rule – ok I’ll bear the burden of it though I don’t like it – but please save me from all your super plastic pleasantries showing all your 32 teeth like we were buddies from high school, if you find me sooo friendly get me some free dessert! I’d anyday prefer a normal waiter just doing his job – I respect that)

If you are visiting Baltimore around the weekends you might be lucky to watch some street shows – we saw 2 of them – one was more for kids called the traveling aunty circus or something like that – the other one was far more awesome funny and amazing by this guy (who’s in the pics playing with fire sticks)
Washington is very much nearby and its like say 45 minutes to an hour it seems from Baltimore.
Street performance - AWESOME Damn funny guy!!
We went to Washington the city of museums according to me. We went there for the Cherry Blossom festival (apparently it sounded like a big thing until we reached there) so its just a bunch of trees and being spring they have some flowers on them and it apparently coincides with some Korean festival. Personally I am a bit averse to flowers so… don’t take my opinion on this one.

A very laidback town and I have heard the people are pretty chilled out and relaxed. You can easily see a bit of contrast between New York and Baltimore. Was it me or just the coincidence (that there was a volley ball championship going on over there) that I saw all the girls wearing shorts – they seem to love it out here or is it everywhere?

I really loved this part since we traveled in an awesome bus!! I would strongly recommend Megabus coz its got wifi in it and it’s a pretty cool double decker bus! It was raining and the traffic was jammed and our bus journey lasted 2 hours more than normal however due to the wifi it never felt like long! And I couldn’t resist the funny pic in the bus restroom (attached)

Round trip for the bus 50$
Coffee, snacks, eating out for the day 50$
Entry fee for aquarium 30$
Supporting the street performers 5$
Meeting friends and long lost family after a decade …….
Instructions in the Megabus Toilet! :D
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The Coffee Bar attached to the Rad…
The Coffee Bar attached to the Ra…
A submarine at the inner harbour
A submarine at the inner harbour
Check out the shark
Check out the shark
Street performance - AWESOME
Street performance - AWESOME Dam…
Instructions in the Megabus Toilet…
Instructions in the Megabus Toile…
Animal encounters for kids at the …
Animal encounters for kids at the…
MEGABUS rocks!!
MEGABUS rocks!!
natural habitats built for the fis…
natural habitats built for the fi…
Totally agree with the message in …
Totally agree with the message in…
The Cherry Blossom festival.... (W…
The Cherry Blossom festival.... (…
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