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Going to stand in line again

My mother and I had a nice breakfast together (again… yes… yummy croissants). Then my mother and I headed to make the line for the baths. We were in line by 9 am and the baths would not be opening until 2 pm. I was torn about whether or not I wanted to do this. I wanted to take a bath, but I wasn’t sure about the long wait in the yucky, wet, cold weather.

Peggy and Kathy showed up a bit later. Peggy, of course, was in good spirits and made the long wait pleasant. She made us laugh the entire time. At one point, she and my mom had me rolling with laughter because I had said I did not want to wait in line for the bath.

At least we had a pretty view standing in line
At that comment, my mother stated I needed to take the bath and pray that I get pregnant (as I had informed her before our trip that Larry and I wanted to try to start a family this year). In front of Peggy, my mom told me to pray I get pregnant and to pour holy water from the baths on myself. That became the funniest thing to us for some reason. I think we really were delirious - lack of sleep, too much mass (even the priest said he thought we had attended enough masses for the year), and too much bread! Peggy looked at me and said, “That’s not how you get pregnant Veronica. Tell Larry I will teach you both all about the birds and the bees when we get home.” My mom and I could not stop laughing. Then Peggy must have been really tired, because she kept asking me, “What country are we in?” She asked me this a million times. And she kept trying to get me to get out of line to go get her and my mom coffee. But I was worried I'd somehow get skipped for the bath.
And we're the first few in line (like 6 hours early)
We laughed so much standing in that line. Everything was humorous to us. I guess if you wait in line in the cold and wet rain for 5 hours with no coffee or snacks nearby, you have to find random stuff to laugh about. I kept telling Peggy and Kathy and my mom, standing in line was crazy - not only because of the time spent standing in the cold. Just think, we were waiting to be dunked in freezing cold water!

So finally, they let us in to sit and wait - we had only about 30 minutes to go. A sense of seriousness overcame us and all joking around was set aside. We were all praying and thinking of our intentions. I prayed for some personal wishes and then the time came to be dunked in freezing water. I usually dislike getting dressed if my body is still wet They don’t give you a towel to dress yourself. You go into a room with nuns, they pray with you and for you, you sit and soak for seconds in this freezing (SHOCKINGLY freezing) water and stand up and they help you dress immediately without allowing you to even dry your body.

With our umbrellas - my mom
The bizarre thing was I didn’t even feel cold once I was in the water. When I stood up, I felt okay. I was not freezing. Furthermore, I was not uncomfortable dressing without drying myself off first. It was a bit overwhelming.

We strolled the streets and found a good café to eat lunch. I had pizza with ham and an egg. It was good! It reminded me of the pizza I used to have in the cafeteria when I lived at the Cite Universitaire in Paris. Yummy! Then we all had crepes and coffee. We went back to the hotel and I had the best 2 hour power nap ever! It was a much needed rest. It felt so good.

After resting, I went outside and shopped around for souvenirs. Then we all went to dinner. I enjoyed a nice dinner with the group. Dinner again was good, though I didn’t finish it all because I just absolutely couldn’t. I wasn’t hungry so I left some of my meal untouched. We had a great big pork chop, with garlic vegetables and bread.

After dinner, my mom decided to attend the Rosary Ceremony with Maria Teresa and I decided to have coffee with a few other people, more than anything just to spend time with my friends. Not necessarily to have any coffee.

After dinner, we packed our bags and prepared for our early departure to Lisbon, Portugal for our last day in this city. I was looking forward to seeing the capital of Portugal.

rrsuby25rs says:
" you sit and soak for seconds in this freezing (SHOCKNGLY freezing) water and stand up and they help you dress immediately without allowing you to even dry your body"

I'll pass......
Posted on: May 17, 2010
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Going to stand in line again
Going to stand in line again
At least we had a pretty view stan…
At least we had a pretty view sta…
And were the first few in line (l…
And we're the first few in line (…
With our umbrellas - my mom
With our umbrellas - my mom
photo by: Cho