The Brave Women on the Trip

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I have really bonded well with our Parish group. Everyone has been a pleasure to travel with. Father, Peggy, my mom and Kathy have made me laugh the most. Peggy and my mom together are a mess! Horrible! They laugh so much… the laughter is infectious. There are a few people that have wanted to be around the Father a lot, so we keep poking fun at him and telling him he has admirers. He just laughs at everything and eggs us on more. There are definitely a few characters on this trip. We are combined with another large group, and have gotten to know some of the people traveling with us as part of the other group. There is one lady who is over 80 years old and she has problems with her short term memory, so she keeps forgetting where she is and other details of our trip. It’s shocking that she even came on this trip by herself. She is so intelligent, I must admit. Having a conversation with her is great because you get to learn so much about her – she’s been telling us of her travels to all these other countries. She went to Antarctica and the Arctic by herself. She’s a single lady who never married and was a social worker for all her working years, until she retired. She has been traveling by herself all these years. It’s interesting to hear her stories and her experiences abroad. While she’s in the middle of telling you a story about one of her trips, however, she’ll stop and look at you all confused and ask you, “What country are we in?” we help her by telling her where she is, and it’s scary to think of this poor old woman getting lost in a country by herself. She certainly has no fear and has a ton of courage. But it’s also hard not to laugh when everyone else starts laughing. I keep telling Peggy that will be me one day many, many years from now – traveling the world, enjoying all the sightseeing, but with no short term memory. In a 10 minute conversation she’ll ask you the same question about a dozen times. Makes you worry about her.

Then there’s another lady, nice as can be, but it takes her a long time to get her thoughts out, so when she speaks to you, you have to sort of finish her thought for her. At dinner, she sometimes falls asleep mid-sentence. That’s very interesting. Peggy wakes her up when she falls asleep at meals. I always think I’m brave for traveling by myself, but then I see some of the people that are on this trip that have medical problems and other such things, and I think wow… they truly are brave! I don’t know that I would travel alone if I had no short term memory.

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photo by: jose28