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We left towards the famous Shaolin Monastery, in the mountains. There was a time 3.000 Kung-Fu students lived in this monastery. Now there are a lot less. The monastery got it's fame after the movie that was filmed there starring Jet Li. We saw students train,, and we saw a Kung-Fu Show. It was nice but somehow a bit too commercial (with 15 min pictures before the show and again pictures after) and not what i expected. And there was 10 minutes of 'learning kung-fu to outsiders'. Short would be the good word for it. It lasted 30 minutes.
After that we walked through the gardens, and the view was beautiful with all the mountains in the background. We went to the pagoda forest, a burial ground where you can see a lot of pagodas, the graves where the important people of the temple were buried.
The higher the pagoda, the more important the person inside was.

After lunch we moved on to visit one of many Kung-Fu schools in the area. The school we've been too has about 2.500 students at the moment, the eldest being around 20 years old, the youngest is 2. We got a tour through school, classes, and where the foreign students train (airconditioning and soft mats instead of outside on a parkinglot in the sun).

Next stop was our hotel in Luoyang, where we would stay one night before moving on. Again. After dinner we walked around in the park in front of the hotel. It was finally warm that day, no more icy winds ^_^ There were people dancing, kids practicing kung-fu, people walking their dogs or just sitting. People do that a lot, during the day as well...just sitting. It was strange to see because no one here ever has time to just sit...:)
But it was nice to have a bit of time for ourselves after a few pretty hectic long days.
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Pet the head for good health, and …
Pet the head for good health, and…
Pagoda Forest
Pagoda Forest
photo by: portia