Longmen Grottoes and on our way to Xi'an

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Longmen Grottoes layout
The Longmen Grottoes aren't really grottoes like we thought it were. Everything was outside, not inside. It was very impressive to see though. All kinds of Buddha's, big and small, carved out of stone walls. There were multiple alcoves with Buddha's, the biggest one was 17 meters and flanked with the four guardians, and the smallest ones were 2 cm. There are small alcoves with Buddha's, and big ones with big Buddha's flanked by smaller ones, one is even called the grotto of a thousand Buddha's. They were situated opposite of a river so it was a beautiful view as well.
It took the entire morning to look around.

Next stop was the jade factory, with a little tour and of course the shop where we could look around. After that we went to lunch and on to the train station.
We went to our next stop, Xi'an, by train. A super fast train too ^^ The max speed was around 300 km/h. We arrived after a little more then 2 hours, it was about 3 a.m.

We made a little city tour through the old city of Xi'an, stopping at the city wall. We went up and had a tour over the city wall by electric car which took about an hour and a half (it was 13 or 14 km). It was really nice to see the old city from the city walls. We stopped at all the four gates, and made a few pictures. Along the wall close to the north gate were all kinds of festive balloons in all kinds of shapes. After the tour we went to our hotel, where we had a really nice dinner, with really nice Teriyaki steaks. And there were little pizzas too....
We had a few drinks afterwards and headed to bed.
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Longmen Grottoes layout
Longmen Grottoes layout
The hand of Buddha
The hand of Buddha
photo by: portia