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What we saw today was a relatively new touristic attraction. The Han Tomb was a fairly new museum and not known (yet) among the mass. The fee was a bit more expensive then the Terracotta Army, probably because of that same reason as well. The Han Tomb is the burial ground before the actual tomb of the first Han Emperor. The tomb itself is about one kilometer away. It was all underground, which made it different from the terracotta army, and the put glass plates over the excavations, so you got those nice blue plastic pullovers for your shoes so you didn't scratch the glass. You actually walked over it and had to look down to see everything they found. Very original and different from the normal museums.

It was very nice to see, this time it weren't only soldiers, but also dancers, servants, horses, dogs, cattle, chickens, pots, pans etc.
It was all miniature which also made it a bit less impressive.  Everything was made out of stone, except for the peoples arms. Those were made of wood and were able to move. They also used to wear clothes but because of the natural process the wood and clothes are gone now. There are some replicas to show what it should have looked like.

Another nice thing was the 3D show. They made a movie about how the first Emperor became Emperor, found his Empress, and how it all ended as well. Ok, in short, he became emperor at a young age, his empress was a dancer at his court (brought in while she was already married but well you can't really refuse a call to the court, right?), and before they died he build the Han tomb...well gave the assignment to build it, which was found hundreds of years later.
It was very cool to see how the made it. And it was in  English as well ^^.

After that we had the afternoon off to shop around in the old part of Xi'an Well the old part is the most fun, the newly build shopping malls are the same you find in any other country. So we went to an old market where they also sold plenty of souvenirs of course. It was nice to bargain all the way :). A bit comparable to the souks in Tunesia, but with less pushy people. The all want to sell but don't drag you in which was a relief.
The next stop was Xi'an Airport where we got on our domestic flight to Guilin. We left at 7, landed an hour and a half later, and got into the bus. Through Guilin it was like riding through a little Las Vegas. Light everywhere, hotels, apartments, houses, streetlights, almost everything was lighted with neonlights and sparkling. It appeared it was because of the May 1st celebration, but it was awkward to see a whole city light up like that. It was dark when we arrived so we didn't see much except for the Karts mountains where the city got it's fame from. Huge mountains appearing out of nowhere, very special to see.
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photo by: Deats