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So this morning I woke up early to help "work" on the farm! I got to milk the cows and then feed the rejected baby! Sad, but so cute! She kept realizing I wasn't Adaldo, who normally feeds her, so she would run away, but then remember she was hungry and come back, and then the whole process would repeat itself! So funny!!

After breakfast we decided to go back out in the boat and kayaking. So kayaking was very cool, until you realize that the cayman are as big as your kayak and could knock you out cold! Luckily they didn't really seem to care about us. We were told they're not aggressive unless they're hungry, which at this time in the season they are NOT...I'll get to that later...it was very cool being so small in the water rather than in the larger boat because you could get so close to the edges and really see the birds' nests or the cayman or the flowers!

After kayaking we decided to go fishing.

Now, in addition to my wonderful bird phobia, I hate fish, like hatttte! It's partially scared of them and partially I just think they're gross! Whenever I go fishing I will cast, and catch, and then make someone else touch the fish. So, whatever, we proceed with our fishing. Here's how this little adventure goes; required tools: a hook, fishing line, a branch and raw meat; fishing for: anything with teeth and/or that can bite you; dangers: cayman and other fish. Haha, so cool! So, put some raw meat on the end of the hook and place in the water, the trick is, the fish, with their many many teeth can get the meat off without getting hooked so as soon as you feel any little tug on the line, you have to set the hook! Catch one: Pacu or Mojarrita, I don't really remember, but they both have teeth; catch two: Piranha (and catch 3, 4, 5, 6, etc); catch three (of a diffrent species: Dorado aka the Golden Fish! Hugh caught him off of one of the banks while battling cayman.
Ok, not really battling, but the cayman definitely wanted to know what was going on! So we jumped ashore to help him out and keep an eye on the cayman! Attempted catch four: a cayman, no really...we attached a piranha to a line and slapped it onto the water in front of the cayman so they would smell the blood and either attack or at least come closer so we could see! They apparently were not hungry...or they were too smart for our tricks! Catch five: Piraputanga, again, he has teeth too! So everything with teeth, that we could catch, we did, awesome!

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photo by: Sads79