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This morning we woke up and again, had an amazing breakfast! I tend to decide how much I like a place based on food, I mean, food is important right? Yeah, Embiara gets like a +248598!

This morning's activity, again, our choice, was to go for a hike. We got the overview the day before on the horses and down the river, now let's see what's really in there! It was so cute, as we were heading out through the first fields the horses walked with us. As we were walking Renaldo and Adaldo pointed out all sorts of new things to us. It really was an adventure. Adaldo showed us a tree, well, a vine acutally, that if you cut open will provide fresh, cool, clean water. We found bones, which apparantly were a peccary that most likely a jaguar had caught, a long time ago.

Yeah, they could have been making that up, it could have died of old age, I choose to believe the jaguar story! The thing was picked clean! Our trusty guides also showed us all different fruits and told us which animals ate what and gave us tastes...some were better than others, but we tried everything! OMG! I almost forgot about the flower thingy they found for us. So there are these, well, they look like large nuts, or footballs, or I don't know, go look at the pictures...but anyway, when Adaldo hacked it open with his monster machete and pulled one half off, this beautiful, white, puff of a flower came out! It was beautiful! And the other half made a great cup for water...I didn't even realize how long we had been walking when we arrive back at the  lodge, I was so engrossed with what was around me!

Another great meal and a lazy early afternoon before we embarked on our next adventure!

A jeep-jeep ride!!

So, out goal was pretty much to see as much as possible, as many different ways as possible! So, this evening we went out for a jeep ride.

It was incredible how much you can see from so many different ways. While crusing around in our awesome jeep we saw tons of animals and birds. When we pulled up to one of the salt beds we saw a family of hyacinth macaws hanging out, then the flew over to the tree literally right next to us. So we shut down the jeep and, ok, I'm not one to get all zen and earthy, but it was amazing the connection you could feel between us and them. They were sitting, preening, and totally showing off! After about 10 minutes they flew back over to the water and as soon as we started the jeep, they flew back to us! Like they didn't want us to leave! It was such an incredible experiance!!

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photo by: Sads79