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I am in love with the Pantanal. Even as I sit here, writing in my apartment I miss it!

This was our first day actually exploring the Pantanal. In the morning we woke up to the insane birds outside our lodge, so loud, but a great alarm clock. We went over the the main lodge and had breakfast full with fresh made bread and local fruit.

We decided to go horseback riding, geared up and set out. This was a great way to see the area and enjoy the sights. Of course, I had the horse that had to stop and eat everything! No matter how hard I kicked or pulled, so I gave up and we just enjoyed the journey. The coolest part was at our rest stop, we dismounted, had some water and were just generally checking out the area and Adaldo, our farm's head Pantanero, taught us how to lasso! I was so facinated by the actual farm life that thoughout the whole trip Adaldo was great about teaching me new things! So, in the truest fashion, he taught me to lasso, and first try, I hit (or caught) my target! It was so cool! My mom tried too, which provided us all a good laugh, including her!

We rode back to the lodge, and waiting for us were warm towels to clean up, and a delicious lunch! After lunch we had a few hours to just hang out around the lodges.

While I was sitting out in the sun 3 hyacenth macaws were just hanging out in the tree right behind me. It was incredible. One of the most endangered birds in the world just chilling with me!

In the afternoon we decided to go out on the boat on the Ria Negra. It was so relaxing, minus the birds swooping in front of us...let me take this moment to tell you all about my HUGE fear of birds, they are evil, they are mean, I don't like them...and Stef, Hugh and Renaldo thought it was hilarious! A bird swooped right in front of us and to reassure me they told me it was just going after the bugs...liars! Haha, either way, it was beautiful!

Back to the main lodge, a great, amazing, delicious, fully homemade dinner, and off to bed!

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photo by: Sads79