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We arrived into Florence in the afternoon, made ourselves preety and headed out to dinner and then onward to to a discotech party.
Somehow I manage to loose my phone in the taxi so after much debate with the hotel clerk he rings the taxi driver and it is returned...In the meantime I take to sleeping on the hotel steps until it is returned.

After I finally get to bed I am woken up 30 mintues later by a fellow traveller sayi9ng his passport has gone missing from the hotel safe and wants to know if I have it...The hotel clerk being a dumbass and speaking limited English thinks we are rommates and I got it out with mine..So me being ever so cranky now charge down to the front desk and ask for my passport back from the safe before the dumbass looses mine too!

The clerk does a blah blah blah as onyl the french can and goes on about how he can not release mine until the other guys is found...At this point I am doing my best not jump the desk and start swinging at this guy..and believe me - I'm drunk, tired and just want my passport so I can go to bed so it is taking all my willpower not to put the deskclerk on the floor.

After 30 mins I tell him to ring our tour leader and get her down. She comes down and yells at him and tracks down the other guys roommate. Turned out the other guys roommate took out both their passports from the safe when he got home and didn't tell him. I finally get mine back and bugger off to bed to enjoy my three hours sleep before I have to get up for a tour of the city.

After this night I no longer trust Hotels or Hostels with my Passport!
When travelling it does not leave my side inless I am out drinking...Then it is in a secure location such as a locker or a bag with 20 odd locks on it!

The next morning we are all up early for a tour of the city...argh my head hurts!
This place smells real bad and they don't understand normal food!

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photo by: spocklogic