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SO...I had to travel to Germany to repair a tool for my company here in Canada. Said goodbye to everyone at the airport and it was nonstop awesome for the next week!!!!!!!!!!!

I had never been on a jet before and they booked me on KML, they were awesome and I thought takeoff was the best part ;-)

We landed at Shiphol in Amsterdam and I had to get a connecting flight into Germany. I wasn't overly thrilled about landing on a runway built on a canal. It isn't a reassuring feeling......

Living in Canada is awesome so as I traveled throught the airport I felt uneasy about security standing around in fatigues brandishing machine guns. Just goes to show how sheltered we are in Canada...

I had to laugh as there were 2 older ladies sitting beside me that talked throught the entire flight (annoying) but the one lady mentioned having cousins from Avonmore in Ontario and I asked her if she had ever heard of my cousins from there and she had said she had heard their names mentioned years ago. Very nice, genuine lady, talk about 7 degrees of separation!!!!!

I landed in Stuttgart and Thomas picked me up in his BMW and we rocked down the autobahn at 240kph listening to the Blitzkrieg bop (Ramones). Talk about a welcome to Germany *sweet*

I stayed at a small hotel Dettingen unter Teck and he took me to a lovely German restaurant. I felt like I was propelled back 500 years looking up at Teck castle and sitting in the old restaurant that was probably over 200 years old. After I settled in he took me for supper and showed me around Kirchheim unter Teck.

We went to the old town centre with all of its cobblestone streets and thousand year old charm. Being from Canada with a love of history and architecture I was entranced and enthralled!!!!!!

Not too mention many of my ancestors came from this area to Canada some 250 years ago.

The locals welcomed me with open arms and there was much beer and food!!

I went to the local museum and tried my best at speaking German and drinking beer. I felt very safe and everything was immaculately clean. It was astonishing how there was no garbage anywhere and I didn't even see gravel on the roads....I got a kick out of things like cigarette dispensing machines on the side of the road and all of the quaint houses everywhere, neatly manicured and well kept.

The best part of it all was that I had 1 day of work and the rest of the week to sight see, paid for by my company!

Thomas took me to his local pub where I met many locals and we watched the soccer world cup semi finals.

It was really neat to engage in everyday life in Germany, sitting in the pub drinking beer smoking waaaaaayyyy too much and watching soccer.

I had schnitzel, sausages and this nifty little dish called Spetzli (nooodles, meat and oil/vinegar)

The beer was awesome and I brought a couple of their beer glasses, but I wasn't really used to thier wheatbeer- hefewheizen, which was a little rich and left me in dire straits the next morning, clsoe to ANY toilet lol!

I loved all of the little shops with the special signs over the doors like the days of olde, and the clock tower at the town hall with the fountain in the square. (I kept waiting for the Burgermeister and Burl Ives lol!)

Anyhow this trip ended pretty quietly back to Canada with a promise to bring my bagpipes on my return about 3 weeks later................................

TonyaCurrier says:
Sounds like agood time :) I'm going to travel to Canada in a month and to Germany in about 6 months hopefully (both of which will be first times). Hope I have as good of a time!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2007
Amanda says:
Wow, sounds like Thomas WOULD make an awesome tour guide! :-) I had schnitzel in Vienna, I loved it!! Also, I always smoke way to much when I travel. :-)
Posted on: Jun 09, 2007
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