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Today was supposed to be Pokhara but instead I am still here in Kathmandu. I am wondering if I should try and change my departure date. The newspaper is not printing a very pretty picture of what is going on. It seems to be that a lot of water borne diseases are starting to become widespread and rumours are that some international flights are now cancelling service. I think that Sipi's dad has a pretty good handle on the situation and if he suggests that I clear out then I will. I know it isn't that I've overstayed my welcome but rather that he has my best interest in mind.

I think that today will need to be a slow day. The foreign diet seems to be caught up with my insides. I don't feel that great but I am still hungry so it is more likely just the diet rather than some bacterial or viral thing.

A couple of hours of rest and I was ready for breakfast. I am still not feeling at 100% but I am in an okay shape.

Just watched the BBC world news. Interesting that what is going on in Nepal seems to be of no concern whatsoever. It shows the unfortunate reality of how bad situations can be easily overlooked when it isn't happening locally.

Had lunch, which again was excellent. Let's hope that the cabbage doesn't give me grief. I have always avoided cabbage because I got sick a couple of times, maybe I've been paranoid for no reason....I have a feeling that some other dishes that I've had these past few days have had it.

After lunch I sat out on the front step for what I thought would be a few minutes. Both Sipi's mon and dad stopped as well and between both of them I ended up hanging out with one or the other for nearly two hours. Most of the time was with Sipi's mom.  It was great chat, lots of information about what Kathmandu looked like, how long the maid and Akash have live with them, what her children were like, etc. Thinking back now this afternoon was probably the highlight of the trip.

I was going to walk down to Thamel but I think there is a good chance of rain...maybe tomorrow will be good for this. We did hear however that the protesters are claiming that things will now turn violent.

At around 5 Sipi's mom asked if I would like some tea. I said no but she insisted that "they" were having tea now so I took that as a request to join them.

We headed back out for a walk this evening to get some more vegetables. The prices here are starting to skyrocket (up 3 times since two days ago). I suspect by this time next week there will be shortages of food unless the strike is called off and the produce starts flowing again.

I am wondering about Matt who went to Pokhara on Friday or Saturday...I wonder what things are really like there?

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photo by: sharonburgher