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Well it has been another early morning with a 40 minute walk to the airport. It is now 7:15 and I am still waiting for the 6:30 flight. Some of the other mountain flights have have now gone and it is brighter today than what is was yesterday so hopefully this works out a bit better, otherwise this trip sort of got messed up seriously..need to have at least one picture to make people jealous.... Flight 102 just got called so it looks hopeful.

The flight was finally called and off we went. It was a fairly steep climb out of the valley and suddenly there were mountains on the other side of the plane (on the way back the mountains ended up on my side).  We were allowed to take turns going up to the cockpit to see the view. I managed to get a really nice shot of Everest. The trip was spectacular but it is the case that I would like to get back to see it fom the ground rather than through a piece of dirty Plexiglas.

After breakfast and a quick bath, I have now headed back out to Pashupatinath. The main side of the river was a bit too difficult. Although people seem to be mostly ignoring or just observing the cremation going on....it is death and it is painfully obvious to those directly affected. While I am sitting on the other side of the river it seems distant enough that I wasn't emotionally affected. Had to skip out on my visit a bit early as some thunderstorm rolled in. It didn't last long but I would have gotten wet if I had been out.

Looks like I have cooked my neck with a sunburn! Obviously a deficiency with living in Doha...here the temperatures are so mild that I can stay out for a really long time..too long.

In the late afternoon we've walked down to a part of Thamel for some odd tea. I think my insides will be happy once I return to Qatar and go back to a "normal diet". I have likely eaten more vegetables over the past 3 days than I would for a month...make that several months on my own....not that that is a bad thing. The only problem is that the change in diet is sort of playing havock with my gut.

Right now I am sitting just outside of a Hindu temple waiting for my "escorts" to do their worship. It is sort of chaotic here...just like normal... But it is enjoyable just to sit watch things go by.

Kathmandu is dark! Did I write this yet? It is very difficult to figure out landmarks in the city at night. I was very confused for 3/4 of the trip about where we were or which direction we needed to be walking.  Maybe the problem isn't that Kathmandu is so dark, perhaps the places that I am use to is just lit up more than it needs to be.

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photo by: sharonburgher